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  • OpenGL 4 Camera Tutorial Series

    I thought we’d ring in the new year with some new tutorials, and this time with 4 new OpenGL tutorials on working with cameras in OpenGL.  Unlike our older camera tutorials, these new tutorials are better implemented and use matrices to build the view, up and right vectors of the camera, as well as the final view...
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  • OpenGL 4 Frames Per Second and Time Based Movement

    We released an update to the next tutorial in the OpenGL section which uses OpenGL 4 and even handles the frames per second and time based movement.  This tutorial shows you how to calculate the frames per second and even animate using time so that the animation and movement is the same no matter the...
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  • OpenGL 4 Matrices and GLM

    We released a new tutorial on how to create and calculate the model, view and projection matrices in the modern OpenGL 4 using the GLM (OpenGL Mathematics) library.  Now we can calculate the correct positions in our shaders.  Since the old matrix functionality in OpenGL is deprecated, we need to calculate the matrices and pass...
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  • OpenGL 4 Tutorials Released

    We recently released the first couple modern OpenGL tutorials using OpenGL 4 and the latest shaders API.  This replaces the old First OpenGL Program and Color tutorial, but you can also go back in Git and view the old ones if you desire.  In order to broaden our proverbial tent, we decided to go with the...
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GameTutorials provides hundreds of free tutorials that teach you how to go from a Joe to a Pro in computer programming. With an emphasis on teaching through the art of making games, this makes the learning process more enjoyable. We teach through downloadable source code with comments that walk you through each line.

Due to the free and inexpensive options for professional game engines, most of the tutorials going forward will be taught using Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. Video tutorials are coming soon for these. C# tutorials will also be increased greatly, and even web development using ASP.Net in C#.