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  • GameTutorials Goes Git

    GameTutorials can now be accessed through Github, which allows us to version all of our code and give better accessibility to our users. This will allow us to update our tutorials to the latest DirectX/OpenGL API’s, but still have access to the older versions for those who need them. This can also be helpful for...
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  • GameTutorials hacked?

    For those of you who noticed that our page was acting all funky this last day or so, it appears that somehow one of our code files for the website was completely erased and we don’t know how yet. So we replaced it and it seems to be working now. We apologize for the inconvenience...
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  • The best gaming desktop for the price – Lenovo Erazer X510

    In order to use Unreal Engine 4, I needed a decent desktop.  I found the Lenovo Erazer X510 gives the best performance for less than $1300 I recently have been looking for a great desktop computer since my Macbook Pro with Windows 7 (Bootcamp’ed) was getting around 15 frames per second with the built in GeForce 650M....
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  • Your Vote Counts – Here are our priorities

    We wanted to give you a view of our current queue that we are working on for tutorials, and also get your feedback of what you want to see more of so we can make this your site, as much as ours. Priorities: Unity3D Engine Tutorials Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials OpenGL 4 Tutorials C# Tutorials...
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GameTutorials provides hundreds of free tutorials that teach you how to go from a Joe to a Pro in computer programming. With an emphasis on teaching through the art of making games, this makes the learning process more enjoyable. We teach through downloadable source code with comments that walk you through each line.

Due to the free and inexpensive options for professional game engines, most of the tutorials going forward will be taught using Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4. Video tutorials are coming soon for these. C# tutorials will also be increased greatly, and even web development using ASP.Net in C#.