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OpenGL Tutorials:

GameTutorials OpenGL Tutorials

This section lists the OpenGL tutorials in recommended reading order.  The OpenGL API, a direct descendent of SGI’s IRIS GL, came about in the early 1990’s.  The OpenGL API is a multi-platform procedural based API that allows programmers to take advantage of graphics hardware and create jaw-dropping visuals.  Coupled with GLSL, OpenGL’s shader language, the sky is the limit as to what a graphics programmer can do.  It is recommended that you have a solid understanding of the C/C++ language and basic understanding of the Win32 API before learning the OpenGL API.

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First OpenGL Program GameTutorials GL_001
Color GameTutorials GL_002
Matrices GameTutorials GL_003
Frames Per Second GameTutorials GL_004
Camera GameTutorials GL_005
Camera Part2 GameTutorials GL_006
Camera Part3 GameTutorials GL_007
Camera Part4 GameTutorials GL_008
Camera Part5 GameTutorials GL_009
Time Based Movement GameTutorials GL_010
Texture Mapping GameTutorials GL_011
Texture Mapping Part2 GL_012
Texture Mapping Part3 GL_013
Texture Mapping Part4 GL_014
Texture Matrix GL_015
Multi-Texturing GL_016
Rotating Cube GL_017
Transparency GL_018
Normals GL_019
Sky Box GL_020
Masking And Ortho Mode GL_021
Render to a Texture GL_022
Vertex Arrays GL_023
Motion Blur GL_024
Quadrics GL_025
Fog GL_026
Vertex Lighting GL_027
Specular Lighting GL_028
Particles GL_029
Object Selection GL_030
Line Segment and Plane Collision GL_031
Line Segment and Polygon Collision GameTutorials GL_032
Closest Point on a Line GameTutorials GL_033
Sphere and Polygon Collision GameTutorials GL_034
Camera World Collision GL_035
Fonts GL_036
3D Fonts GL_037
Bezier Curve GL_038
Quaternions GL_039
Height Map GameTutorials GL_040
Height Map Part2 GL_041
Height Map Part3 GL_042
Height Map Part4 GL_043
Height Map Part5 GL_067
Height Map Part6 GameTutorials GL_068
3DS File Loader GL_044
OBJ File Loader GL_045
ASE File Loader GL_046
MD2 File Loader GL_047
MD2 Animation GL_050
MD3 File Loader GL_048
MD3 Animation GL_051
3DS Animation GameTutorials GL_049
Frustum Culling GL_052
Octree GL_053
Octree Part2 GL_054
Octree Part3 GL_055
BSP Loader GL_056
BSP Loader Part2 GL_057
BSP Loader Part3 GL_058
BSP Loader Part4 GL_058
BSP Loader Part5 GL_059
BSP Loader Part6 GL_060
First GLSL Program GameTutorials GL_061
Color Keying with GLSL GL_065
Vertex Lighting with GLSL GL_062
Per-Pixel Lighting GL_063
Multi-Texturing with GLSL GL_064
Toon Shading GL_066
Shadows GameTutorials GL_067
Shadow Mapping GameTutorials GL_069
Shadow Mapping with GLSL GameTutorials GL_070
PCF Shadow Mapping with GLSL GameTutorials GL_071
3DS Exporter GL_072
3DS Exporter Part2 GL_073
3DS Exporter Part3 GL_074
Bone Animation GL_075
Bone Animation Part2 GL_076
Bone Animation Part3 GL_077

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