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Direct3D Tutorials:

GameTutorials Direct3D Tutorials

This section lists the Direct3D tutorials in recommended reading order.  The Direct3D API is a subset of the DirectX API created and maintained by Microsoft.  The Direct3D API allows “direct” access to the video hardware enabling programmers to take advantage of the graphics hardware to produce cutting edge, eye-popping 3D graphics.  Coupled with HLSL, Direct3D’s high level shader language, the limits are endless as to what a graphics programmer can do.  It is recommended that you have a solid understanding of the C/C++ language and basic understanding of the Win32 API before learning the Direct3D API.

Photo Product Manufacturer SKU More Info
First Direct3D Program GameTutorials DX_005
Color DX_007
Matrices DX_009
Normals DX_008
Rotating Cube DX_012
Full Screen DX_013
Camera GameTutorials DX_014
Camera Part2 DX_015
Camera Part3 DX_016
Texture Mapping GameTutorials DX_018
Multi-Texturing DX_019
Transparency DX_017
Vertex Lighting DX_021
Fog DX_022
Sky Box DX_020
Water DX_023
Ray and Plane Collision DX_025
Ray and AABB Collision GameTutorials DX_058
Vertex Buffers DX_028
Index Buffers DX_029
D3D Meshes DX_030
Vertex Streams DX_031
Vertex Shader GameTutorials DX_049
Vertex Shader Part2 DX_050
Pixel Shader DX_051
Vertex Lighting with HLSL DX_053
Per-Pixel Lighting DX_054
Toon Shading DX_055
Shadows GameTutorials DX_056
Normal Mapping GameTutorials DX_057

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