5 Best Modded PS4 Controllers for Optimal Performance

#1 Pick

PS4 Macro Remap Controller With Paddles


ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller

Best Budget

Razer Raiju Ultimate Esports Gaming Controller

Have you recently switched from a different gaming console to a PlayStation 4? Or is your previous controller completely worn out and can’t function properly anymore? Or are you simply unsatisfied with your current controller and need one that’s modified to your needs? Well, we have just what you are looking for!

This article contains all the information you need from how modded controllers are superior to the best ones on the market. You will also get answers to the most frequently asked questions and a buying guide to help you make the right purchase for you

Since the last decade, there have been two main types of controllers – modded unmodded. As you can guess by the name, the main difference between them is the presence of various modifications in the latter. Before, only a few brands had installed these additional features to enhance the user’s gameplay. And because of the positive feedback, many other companies soon began to manufacture their controllers with traditional adjustments.

One important thing to know is that these modifications do not hack the gaming codes. They simply improve the gaming experience with increased flexibility in the software, allowing for greater ease. All the currently available mods have a limited function and can be considered shooting and non-shooting features. 

The most common mods in PS4 controllers include rapid-fire action and quick scope opening for perfect sniper shots. Another new feature is the drop shot that allows your in-game character to drop and shoot simultaneously. And lastly, the most in-demand mod, akimbo, lets you hit both the guns with a single button.

Modded controllers only work towards enhancing your overall match ranking. However, adding mods beyond the functions pre-set by the game developers is considered cheating. Apart from the currently available controllers, there are now different companies that customize them as you like. Let’s now look at the top products on the list.

Our Top Picks For You!

#1 Pick

PS4 Macro Remap Controller With Paddles
PS4 Macro Remap Controller With Paddles
Score 8.4 OUT OF 10

ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller
ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller
Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
Best Budget

Razer Raiju Ultimate Esports Gaming Controller
Razer Raiju Ultimate Esports Gaming Controller
Score 8 OUT OF 10
SCUF GAMING Vantage 2 PS4 Controller
SCUF GAMING Vantage 2 PS4 Controller
Score 8.4  OUT OF 10
Moddedzone White Wolf PS4 PRO Smart Modded Controller
Moddedzone White Wolf PS4 PRO Smart Modded Controller
Score 7.8 OUT OF 10

1. PS4 Macro Remap Controller With Paddles

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
PS4 Macro Remap Controller With Paddles

Making it number one on the list, the PS4 Macro Remap is unmatched in its functionality. The programming is excellent for all games in FPS shooting mode, and the design works best for all gaming styles.

It comes with five factory sub-modes allowing players to overcome various challenges. The most prominent ones among them are the continuous press and the turbo function. Also, the excellent programming allows extreme customization for the best gameplay sessions. 

The best feature the Macro Remap offers is the LED indicators that provide quick navigation through different mods. The players thus stay informed about the active mods, are capable of scrolling between the sub-modes, and set up custom values. This fantastic invention also has additional buttons in the back that can assign more character actions.


  • Five factory sub-modes
  • Mod LED indicators 
  • Ergonomically located two extra buttons
  • Convenience in remapping the buttons
  • Suitable for all gaming styles

  • It might take some time to grow accustomed to its programming

2. ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller

The manufacturing of the ASTRO Gaming C40 controller is specifically for severe gamers for the number of features it provides. Its design is ergonomic for premium gaming performance.

The high-quality controller is not only durable but also comes with a superior rear button layout. This characteristic increases the user’s response time and accuracy by a significant number. You can also remap these buttons according to your gaming style and the action requirements of the in-game character.

The most noteworthy feature of the C40 TR controller is the quick and easy swaps of the d-pad module and analog sticks. It allows players to set up the configuration in an offset or parallel manner for optimum performance.

The C40 TR controller has incredibly advanced software installed. It lets you create multiple profiles, each with a customizable setting. You can easily switch between the layouts.


  • Quick swappable d-pad module and analog sticks
  • Feature an ergonomic rear button layout
  • It comes with an advanced-tech software

  • More significant than the standard PS4 controller
  • A little heavy on the pockets

3. Razer Raiju Ultimate Esports Gaming Controller

Score 8 OUT OF 10
Razer Raiju Ultimate Esports Gaming Controller

Razer, living up to its reputation as always, has designed yet another incredible gaming gear. The Razer Raiju features adjustable triggers that allow optimum performance in competitive gameplays. Along with a firm grip and responsive face and pro buttons, it also has two additional buttons on its rear side. 

However, it does require direct connectivity to the console as it can’t operate wirelessly. The brand solves this problem by including high-quality lengthy braided wires to reduce hindrance.

The Razer Raiju has a quick control panel, allowing you to adjust four side functions: audibility and mic sensitivity. The LED indicators add to the numerous features and justify the price of this gadget.


  • The advanced customization allows the remapping of keys using your phone
  • Comfortable and strong grip
  • Face and pro buttons with extreme sensitivity
  • Two extra buttons on the rear side
  • Quick control panel with four additional features

  • The analog sticks have an inconvenient design
  • No wireless connectivity

4. SCUF GAMING Vantage 2 PS4 Controller

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
SCUF GAMING Vantage 2 PS4 Controller

The SCUF Gaming, through this PS4 controller, offers multiple other features. However, it also has a few shortcomings. It does not only let you customize the usual in-built features or specific external components.

The Vantage 2 comes with a paddle system letting you customize the button layouts however you please. Other advantages include the magnetic faceplate and removable components that help make it extremely lightweight compared to other controllers. The hair triggers are adjustable to further improve your comfort and accuracy. 

The Vantage 2 is slightly larger compared to the standard Dualshock 4 PS4 controller. However, the designers were well aware of this knowledge. Therefore, they added a textured grip to counteract the problem and prevent any slips during intense gameplay.


  • Incredible trigger control system
  • Ergonomic shape and layout
  • Removable vibration modules and magnetic faceplate
  • Exceptional custom settings
  • Textured grip for more strength and control

  • Large size, not ideal for small hands

5. Moddedzone White Wolf PS4 PRO Smart Modded Controller

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
Moddedzone White Wolf PS4 PRO Smart Modded Controller

Moddedzone claims that PS4 Pro Smart is one of the most advanced modded controllers currently available. It lets you add, adjust, modify, and control all the features by just connecting to a simple app via Bluetooth. The app is a whole new marketplace, and you can use it to get as many mods as you’d like.

The controller is compatible with all FPS titles and includes almost nine mods. There are so many design options you can choose from. Therefore, the controller can be a perfect gift to give to your gamer friends and family.

The package, unfortunately, does not include any cables or other accessories. However, the modchip does come with a 1-year warranty to satisfy customers. With this unique innovation, the traditional method of adjusting mods by holding and remembering button combinations gets eliminated. All you need now is the installed titan chip and a downloadable mobile app.


  • Works on all PS4 FPS title games
  • It doesn’t drain out the energy
  • It only requires you to download an app for you to get all the available mods

  • The package doesn’t include any cables or other accessories
  • Excessively overpriced

Modded PS4 Controllers – Features to Look for

With several companies producing all sorts of PS4 controllers, you should not believe that the most expensive one offers the maximum number of modifications. You should also not let the appearance influence your decision too much as it is the internal systems that distinguish the products. 

The modchip installed in various controllers usually does not follow a standard. It all comes down to an excellent user interface, simple navigation through gaming operations, and of course, your gaming style.

There are many options to choose from, from cheap to expensive, and with a varying number of modifications. This can make it really hard to figure out what you really need. Well, this buyer’s guide will help you decide which controller would be the best pick for you by covering the most important features to look for in a modded PS4 controller.

Build Quality

The process of modifying a PS4 controller usually requires opening up a regular controller and installing a modchip. The function of this small electronic device is to alter the default features or introduce new ones. It is also responsible for pressing the buttons itself, enabling the in-game character to perform actions on behalf of the player.

A few external modifications are also done based on your preferences that may change its overall design. Generally, third parties construct these add-ons, which compromises the standard build quality. The negative impact produced often leaves players disappointed. So knowing the quality of the custom-made parts is just as important as the new features installed.

LED Indicators

Most of the modded controllers for PS4 come with a design that houses LED indicators on the faceplate. The purpose of this feature is that it produces a particular color for each mod in use. It lets the player know which one has been activated and helps keep their focus on the game.

Users can enable a maximum of 4 mods, including one shooting and three unique ones. Navigating the various features is made extremely easy with the inclusion of these lights.

It is essential to keep in mind that not all brands offer this feature. You would want to pick a controller that constantly informed you about all enabled mods and entered custom values for personal ease.

Paddles System

The function of this paddles system is to let the players remap the default commandments to buttons of their preference. They are at the back of the controller, either as switches, paddles, or controls. They play no role while gaming and are mainly used to create a custom setting and activate or deactivate mods. There are usually up to 6 paddles. However, you only require a maximum of 4 as more buttons would only get in the way. 


1. What are some of the mods that are included in almost all the modded PS4 controllers?

Mods are the additional features that are present on your PS4 controller by installing a modchip. These extra features allow the gamers to increase performance in their gameplay. Each mod provides a skill to the gaming character that the players could use in specific situations to make the most out of it.

They do not hack into the game code as the software doesn’t allow the users to go beyond the limitations and restrictions set by the game developers. However, you should take into account all the available mods in the controller before buying it.

Most common mods and their functions:

  • Akimbo: With a single push of the fire button, it fires the dual pistols. This skill is defensive against multiple enemies that are attacking all at once.
  • Rapid Fire: This allows the semi-auto and single-shot weapons to fire like automated rifles.
  • Auto-Burst: This allows the semi-auto and single-shot weapons to burst fire.
  • Auto-Spot: This feature spots your enemies automatically, giving you leverage over your competitors.
  • Auto-Heal: This feature lets the players use their healing prompts more innovatively and economically.
  • Auto-Sprint: It allows your character to run without having to drag the stick continuously.
  • Dropshot & Jumpshot: With the help of this feature, you can shoot while jumping or dropping to the ground.
  • Quick scope: Even though it works for all guns that come with a range, you’ll get the most perks while using a sniper.
  • Fast Reloading: You can reload the gun at a quicker than usual rate.
  • Layout: All mods can operate under different button layouts by using this feature.
  • Jitter: It decreases the gap between each burst when firing with a semi-auto gun.
  • Turbo Melee:  It decreases the gap between each knife attack.
  • Zombie Auto-Aim automatically aims at the head or chest of the zombie closest to your gaming character.
  • Sniper’s Breath: The sniper enhances the accuracy by making it hold its breath using this mod.

2. Is it legal to play PlayStation 4 with a modded controller?

With the multiple gaming forums, webpages about gaming-related articles, writers often misguide the researchers with their lack of information. If you’ve spent some time playing video games, you may have heard about several accounts getting banned for using modded pads. 

Well, these are simply rumors and nothing else. The old players also adopted a technique not to let the newbies take advantage while using a modded controller.  

Using a modded controller simply lets the software perform functions at a rate that would be challenging for humans. The modchip that you install presses the buttons in a particular order. It helps the players take their minds off a few functions as they unlock several perks through the modification. 

Although mods help gamers perform complicated actions, believing that they will enhance your skills and make you a pro overnight is foolish. For that, you will need to work on your attacking and defensive strategies. Also, you’ll need to learn about good landing and looting spots on the map, and most importantly, have a strong internet connection.

3. Are there any aimbot modded controllers that are available for purchase?

Even though the technology of this era is severely advanced to the level that such software and AIs can be theoretically (or even practically) designed, including them in games would only ruin the purpose. The players would no longer need to have skills, and the concept of strategies and player techniques would instantly vanish into thin air. Games would no be fun anymore, and competence among players would hold no value.

However, certain mods are close enough to be called an aimbot for users who simply do not want to think otherwise. These include the quick scope opening and the auto-aim for zombies.

Even though the scope opening does not help aim, it does provide accuracy to a certain extent, allowing players to make those perfect headshots. However, the zombie auto-aim moves the crosshair for you, but this gaming mode is only available in a couple of games.

4. How are modded PS4 controllers different from regular controllers?

Modded controllers came into existence in the previous decade when brands decided to include extra features to improve and enhance the gamer’s experience. It started with a single additional feature that allowed players to shoot all types of weapons as if they were fully automated.

In no time, it became a popular and highly demanded product. More companies started releasing their versions of modified controllers with added features, and now the controllers are equipped with around 15 customizable updates.

On the other hand, a regular controller is simply an unmodded version. It is the one that has not been changed and works under factory settings. It doesn’t offer numerous latest features, but it satisfied all the needs before the mods’ emergence and still does. At the end of the day, it is solely up to players’ preferences whether they want the traditional experience or a more advanced encounter with their virtual enemies.

5. Are the mods in modded PS4 controllers available for all types of games?

Including mods in PS4 controllers is becoming more and more widespread. However, these features are only available for first-person shooting games. There is currently no way for players to improve their gameplays the same way for other genres due to the absence of mod compatibility.

Another vital piece of information is that the number of mods available depends on the game you’re playing, even for first-person shooters. For instance, Call of Duty, the most famous PS4 game worldwide, features the maximum number of compatible mods. About eleven to thirteen mods are available in different controllers, with Jitter, Turbo Melee, and Fast Reload always at stake.

For Battlefield, a game that has been in business for quite some time, there are usually up to five mods available. Whereas Destiny, a recently released game, features the same number of mods as Battlefield. This game has become very popular among the audience in no time, and its mods are also one of the best-selling.


With so many different shooting games on the market, the Rapid Fire mod stays compatible with all of them. The only requirement is that the game should provide semi-auto or single-shot guns. The compatibility of other mods varies from game to game. 

With all this information and so many different modded controllers for PS4, choosing one will not be difficult. All you have to do is read the description of each product and know how it compares to others. 

It is also essential to not be misled by false information and avoid purchasing a modded controller. The mods are not capable of hacking into gaming systems and codes. So assuming that their use would fall under the cheating category and possibly get your account banned is wrong. 

The modded controllers available on the market offer multiple features. All of these vary as you look into controllers from different brands. It is not every day that you feel the need to buy gaming gear. However, when life gives you a chance, you must always opt for one that offers extensive features.

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