An Insight on PS4 vs Xbox One Controllers

The best thing about living in this century is science, and with it comes superior technology. Every day, companies are working towards including as many features in their product designs. This creates competition among the most famous brands. The most engaging one, especially for tech-lovers and gamers, is between Microsoft and Sony.

The two companies have introduced electronic devices for as many applications as you can think of. From producing small accessories like headphones to something as big as a television, you can fill your house with their incredible products.

However, one specific product that we’ll be giving you insight into is the controllers for gaming. The modern PC no longer limits you to playing games with nothing but a mouse and keyboard. The majority of the consoles released in current times feature controllers with unlimited function. They are compact and do more than what your mouse and keyboard are capable of. 

Creative gamers have also developed various grip styles to allow your fingers to perform multiple functions simultaneously. These grips may vary from game to game. An FPS game requires the player to press numerous buttons simultaneously. On the other hand, you only need to use four primary buttons to play sports games.

The top-selling controllers right now are the Microsoft Xbox One controller and the Sony DualShock 4 for PS4. Both are often against a battle, making buyers spend extra time doing research. To make things easier for you, we’ve written this comparative analysis with all the needed information. Now, you won’t have to go anywhere else since you’ll have the necessary knowledge to make a selection by the end.

1. Controller for PS4

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
DualShock 4

Sony had been barely changing the appearance of their controller designs. But with the DualShock 4, they managed to break the streak. Compared to its predecessor, it’s much bigger and more ergonomic. The company has also incorporated many features the previous versions lacked.

The DualShock 4 controller features Bluetooth connectivity. This eliminated the need to buy external hardware when connecting to a PC. Its batteries are rechargeable, meaning the battery life won’t be a problem. However, the batteries last up to four to eight hours, so gaming endlessly is not an option. It is slightly bigger, but the handles counterbalance that by providing a solid and comfortable grip.


PlayStation 4 ControllerThe function of the direction pad has a major role when playing video games. Keeping this in mind, Sony has revised its design to offer reliability and fast button press. One button is divided into four separate keys that are large enough to press quickly. Also, the buttons are incredibly tactile and don’t make any clicking sound.

The analog sticks are placed next to each other symmetrically. This is placement preferred by many players. The sticks are also textured and curved inwardly to allow for a firm grip. The thumbsticks are incredibly responsive, meaning you’ll get more accurate movements for better performance.

The trigger design of the PS4 controller has drastically changed and for the better. The shoulder buttons are now rounded with low-pressure sensitivity. They have a convex surface with thin edges, so they can quickly press in an intense situation.

The most futuristic approach that Sony adopted in this invention is the introduction of a touchpad. It is conveniently broad and acts similar to a laptop trackpad. Apart from featuring a camera, players can assign this touchpad multiple side functions, which would increase their reflexes. In the absence of a mouse, you can also move the cursor using the touchpad.

Additional Features

The DualShock 4 controller comes with a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. This feature lets the users aim and move the cursor just by moving the device in mid-air. The most effective results can be seen in FPS games, allowing for quick camera movement and accurate aiming.

Another additional feature is the headphone jack, which lets you treat any wired device as if it were wireless. However, you would need a Sony Bluetooth adapter to use the featured Bluetooth connection in this PS4 gaming pad.

2. Controller For Xbox One

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft is a well-known company that never fails to bring you the best. With every release, they manage to add prominent new features conforming to user requirements. Compared to the previous models, the Xbox One controller follows an even more minimalistic approach in its design. It is compact, discards the former more pronounced colorful buttons, and has a more organized layout and is compact.

The Xbox One controllers offer extreme compatibility to Windows PC. You also have the option to add extra hardware for a better operation. The Bluetooth connectivity is excellent, reducing lag in your gameplays. And it also features exceptional and more efficient wifi-syncing.


XBox One ControllerThe direction pad of the Xbox One has significantly improved from the previous versions. It was difficult for the older models to read the inputs correctly. The makers updated the readability. However, the transition clicks are still a challenge, and loud clicking noise results in discomfort.

The analog sticks of the Xbox One controller feature an extraordinary ergonomic design. They are placed asymmetrically to enhance players’ reactions during matches. Microsoft has also added micro-texture to the edges of the sticks. This prevents the player’s fingers from slipping off.

Even though the triggers for previous Xbox gaming pads were just as great, the new update has brought an even more comfortable design. They have a slope, so you don’t only have the option to press the top of the trigger. 

Pressing down on the sides is a more accessible and quick approach to get the work done. The triggers also provide haptic feedback, resulting in an intense concentration of gamers. 

Previously, the shoulder buttons were designed only for one click and didn’t let the players hold them down. The modification in the newer version also resolves this issue. However, they still make a clicking sound when pressed, which can disturb the more passionate gamers. We’re hoping the coming release will rectify this issue.

Additional Features

The Xbox One controller includes a headphone jack that adds to your convenience. You can simply attach any wired device and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming period. Due to its high compatibility, the controller is capable of working with any Bluetooth adapter.

The controller is lightweight, so you won’t feel any pressure while playing except the pressure to win, of course. The battery life is impressive as it can last up to 40 hours straight when using AA batteries to power it up. You can recharge it using Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, but it negatively impacts battery life. You can even decrease it to 30 hours. The battery life of the Play and Charge Kit has also reduced over time.

Difference Between the Xbox One and PS4 Controllers

When comparing the two gaming pads, buyers must take into account multiple functions for their ease. The size, response time, durability, and comfort are some of the many aspects to consider. While the prime factor that should determine your final decision all comes down to your personal preference and comfort.

There isn’t a major difference between the two as both of them provide the same essential operation. However, where the Xbox One controller contributes to easier integration, the DualShock 4 contains more features. 

Advantages of PS4 controllers

PS4 ControllerThe most prominent one is the insertion of a touchpad and a mono speaker in the PS4 controller. They are exceptionally unique features that you can utilize to perform optimally in many games. The DualShock 4 is more extensive than its competitor, but the handles have an ergonomic design, so there’s no trouble holding it.

The directional pad is very convenient to use because of the separate buttons. The developers ensured that the product could detect correct input and doesn’t confuse the players in their most heated moments. In contrast, the Microsoft controller lacks this directional sense.

Even a slight press on the sides of the buttons leads to the incorrect recognition of the intended input. The switches also make clicking sounds which provokes a negative response from the users.

The shoulder buttons of the DualShock 4 are also a place where it wins against its competitor. It follows a more subtle color scheme but is similar to the Xbox one controller when clicked. Also, the pressing sound is comparatively quieter.

One great advantage the Sony controllers have over the other is their ability to detect motion. This means the addition of a gyroscope and an accelerator in its construction. These are a must-have feature in FPS games that require aiming accuracy and fast camera rotation to win most battles. The Xbox One controller lacks such benefits. 

Advantages of Xbox One Controllers

The prime area where the Microsoft controller proves to be more dominating is its thumbsticks. They conform to your thumbs instantly because of their textured surface and larger design. There are minimal chances of your fingers slipping off.

While the PS4 controller often causes the fingers to slide off and accidentally hit the touchpad. It also doesn’t provide the haptic feedback that they offer in the Xbox gaming pad. The response is excellent for creating an engaging environment.

The PS4 controller requires the Sony official Bluetooth adapter for it to work wirelessly. On the other hand, the Bluetooth feature of the Xbox One controller can turn on using any Bluetooth adapter. It transmits the audio signals efficiently, irrespective of the accessory’s brand.

The battery life of the Xbox One controller is outstanding in comparison with its opponent. It can last up to 40 hours. On the other hand, the PS4 controller’s battery runs for four to eight hours only. The difference is enormous, but the great thing is both of them are rechargeable.

Similarities Between the Xbox One and PS4 Controllers

XBox One ControllerYou may think the two companies spend a whole lot of time trying to outdo each other. This might be true to a certain extent, but there are only so many different features one can include when designing similar gadgets.

Both the products have their target audiences. But have you ever realized how many similar features they’re offering? The first one is the Bluetooth connectivity included in both types. They also incorporate the same number of necessary components to be compatible with all kinds of games.

The DualShock 4 controller includes a light bar that is assigned to each player. This works under the split-screen view when players switch their position. The consoles can detect each player and allow them to continue playing the same character. The Kinect Xbox is similar in function but instead detects the player’s face and voice.

The controllers from Sony and Microsoft are designed for maximum comfort. The fingers excellently conform to the buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks. The former has better control while holding while the latter is incredibly lightweight. Therefore, they both allow all types of grip styles.

The price ranges of the two products are also fairly similar. Sony controllers cost approximately the same since the developing company is pretty renowned. Hence, their shape, weight, and size have no significant flaws. And the controllers are constructed without compromising on the durability and quality of the materials. 

Final Statement

Microsoft has also launched the Xbox Elite Wireless controller to improve further and get on top of manufacturing better controllers. This is advantageous during competitive leagues since you need to have the best gaming gears possible to win these matches.

The gamepad comprises an updated d-pad, changeable thumbsticks, various shoulder button settings, and extra backpedal. However, the cost is relatively higher as it is the premium version. 

The Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controller is an even updated version with more software customization. Both come with multiple features included in their design that determine the type of games each performs better. The DualShock 4 controller is best to play the 2D graphical games with, while the Xbox One controller would be the superior option for FPS titles and racing games.

At the end of the day, both are high-quality gamepads used for the same purpose. Both are compatible with all types of consoles. What does determine your ultimate selection is your comfort, your gaming style, and the duration of your gameplays.

This guide will help you understand the difference between the two sets of controllers. With all the researched facts and detailed information, landing on your final decision should now be a piece of cake for you.

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