Best Gaming Chair for Tall Person

#1 Pick

RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Ergonomic Chair


KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212

Best Budget

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

Investing in a good gaming chair can provide incredible support and relief, but what good is a gaming chair if it is not right for you. There is a thin line between a good and right gaming chair. A good gaming chair will be something that has high-grade ratings and delivers what it promises. However, the right gaming chair would be one that works best for your body type and satisfies all your requirements your way. Finding gaming chairs that suit tall people is undeniably tricky and calls for an inevitable struggle. Join us in discovering as we explore some of the best gaming chairs for tall people! Fortunately, we are here to save you the trouble.

#1 Pick

RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Ergonomic Chair
RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Ergonomic Chair
Score 8.2OUT OF 10

KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212
KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212
Score 8.6OUT OF 10
Best Budget

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair
AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair
Score 8.8OUT OF 10
Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair
Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair
Score 8OUT OF 10

1. Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros Edition

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
RESPAWN OMEGA-Xi Fortnite Ergonomic Chair

RESPAWN firmly believes that there should be something for everyone. Creating innovative yet affordable designs, RESPWAN welcomes gamers of all preferences. Whether you are a late-night gamer, a mobile player, a streamer, or anything in between – RESPAWN has got your back! Welcoming all gamers, RESPAWN promises to satisfy customer demands with no compromise on quality and longevity.

Inspiration for this ergonomic chair by RESPAWN was Fortnite Omega, which is quite evident by its looks. If you are a Fortnite fanatic, you have another reason to lean towards this chair. Featuring a sleek design with a black base and silver & gold accent, it perfectly captures the essence of Omega Fortnite. However, if we talk about what this chair offers aside from its racing style, it provides you luxurious comfort, whether gaming or working. Featuring a high-back seat with segmented padding, it is an excellent choice for tall gamers. Additionally, this chair includes an extendable padded footrest and stationary padded armrests or the highest level of comfort during gaming sessions. With its 155 degrees recline and extendable footrest, this chair is ideal for napping between intense gaming or work sessions.

Nonetheless, this chair features an ergonomic design with maximum adjustments, allowing you to discover and adjust to your optimal position. It comprises a 90 to 155 degrees reclining feature with infinite locking angles – ideally enables you to pick whatever suits your current needs the best. However, its stationary armrests have a unique feature; they move about the pivot as you recline or swivel. Accordingly, it has a 360 degrees swivel rotation enabling you to experience dynamic movement each time.

Moving on to the products it is built with; the sheathing features a combination of a premium leather component with polyester. This helps in keeping the chair breathable for extended use while also making it stain-resistant and durable. The upholstery is equipped with high-quality thick vinyl padding for a firm and comfortable sitting experience. Omega Xi measures the following dimensions: 24.41″ – 47.45″ Depth x 26.75″ Width x 48.04″ – 51.19″ Height. The gas lift enables you to control seat height varying from 18.71″ – 21.86″, making it adjustable and hence suitable for tall guys. Besides, it has a weight capacity of 275 lbs, fitting for heavier guys as well. 

RESPAWN, an award-nominated brand with experience of over 25 years in ergonomic workplace furniture, takes pride in building durable and comfortable equipment. Backing you up with a limited lifetime warranty, they ensure that you enjoy the highest quality experience on their gaming chair.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fortnite Omega Edition – enthralling for Fortnite players.
  • Sleek and subtle design with black, silver, and gold accents. 
  • Polyester and Leather sheathing – breathable and stain-resistant.
  • 90 to 155 degrees recline with infinite locking positions. 
  • Height control of approximately 3 inches – adjustable for tall users. 
  • Highback with segmented padding. 
  • It has padded armrests that are adaptable with recline positions. 
  • Extendable padded footrest for relaxing legs. 
  • Enduring up to 275 lbs of weight

  • It can be a bit noisy. 
  • The armrests are a little wobbly

2. KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212

One of the well-established and renowned brands in the gaming chair industry is KILLABEE. The reason for their success is their innovative approach focusing on some of the major issues faced by gamers these days. Whether someone needs to be rescued from back pain, or requires a big and tall gaming chair, or prefers a luxurious ergonomic gaming chair – everyone is served! Producing creative, reliable, and affordable products that serve people with all concerns is what KILLABEE strives to achieve.

Model 8212 of their Big and Tall series represents precisely what the brand stands for. Featuring a luxurious and elegant racing style, this ergonomic chair is also versatile and durable. Offering you four different color options allows you to choose the one matching your gaming station the best. These racing colors are Black, Black/Grey, Black/Blue, and Black/Red. The exterior incorporates premium PU leather, ideal for longevity, comfort, and cleaning. However, the interior is an original cold-cure memory foam, which is great for holding its shape for a lasting comforting period. Additionally, the same cold-cure memory foam is used in lumbar support and headrest cushions to take the comfort of this chair to another level. 

With an enhanced ergonomic style, its high back, detachable headrest, lumbar cushion, and wide armrests altogether embrace your body in an undeniably therapeutic curve. Since the headrest is detachable and the lumbar cushion adjustable, it provides additional support to your neck and lower back. Besides, it comprises a high-back with a built-in 3D spine support, relieving strain and pressure off of your spine while maintaining your posture. 

Moreover, every part of this product is entirely adjustable, so you may adjust to your optimal gaming position without a challenge. It allows you to adjust the height, tilt, and pressure of the backrest. Plus, it also allows you to swivel 360 degrees. Besides, it incorporates 3D adjustable wide armrests that can be moved back & forth, up & down, and sideways. Nonetheless, the recline angles vary from 90 to 155 degrees with infinite locking positions for different usage modes. For instance, 90 degrees is ideal for comfortable working mode, while 120 is preferable for reading, 140 for watching a movie, and 155 for relaxing. Additionally, it allows you to control your rocking pressure through a knob located beneath the seat. You may rock up to 30 degrees back for a smooth rocking or 10 degrees for a tight rocking.

However, the chair is integrated with a high-quality metal frame for its structure while also using an International Standard explosion-proof gas spring for stability. Nonetheless, it has a heavy-duty metal base that equips smooth-rolling PU-covered casters for stable and silent mobility. Besides, this is an exceptionally large chair with the following dimensions: 27.6″ Depth x 26.4″ Width x 51.2″ – 53.5″ height. The recommended user height for this racing chair is 5ft 8in – 6ft 2in, while the maximum weight it can endure is up to 400 lbs. All in all, these characteristics make 8212 KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair an exemplary choice for tall people. 

Additionally, KILLABEE offers exceptional after-sales service where they take your suggestions and complaints into consideration profoundly. Nonetheless, they also offer a 1-year warranty on parts. To make the installation process easier, they created a YouTube video that can easily be followed by searching the specific model there. It is quite effective from the usual instruction manuals, as here they practically show you the process then and there.


  • Support 5ft 8in – 6ft 2in tall users.
  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs. 
  • Premium quality material used inside and out. 
  • 3D spine support for an enhanced ergonomic design.
  • Detachable headrest and lumbar support cushion. 
  • Cold-cure memory foam for upholstery. 
  • Wider 3D armrests and 360 degrees swivel. 
  • Pressure adjustable rocking. 
  • 90 to 155 degrees recline with locking feature.
  • Installation video guide

  • It makes squeaky noises

3. AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

Starting in 2001 from automotive sports, later expanding to workspace and gaming equipment, AKRacing marked their empire in business. AKRacing manufactures its own equipment and creates 100% original designs and products themselves. These products later go through a series of quality checks, including testing and in-house controlling for an outstanding product that not so many brands guarantee. Additionally, they highly believe that one size is not fit for all, which is why they have a size chart ranging from XS up to XL.

Master Series Max is the flagship product of this series by AKRacing, while also being the latest addition to the product line. This chair unites the AKRacing most-liked looks with XL parts, essentially accomodating the big and tall in a luxurious style. Featuring a wider frame with adjustable tilt and exception weight capacity, this product by AKRacing deserves all the praise and demanded price. 

By the looks of it, this chair seems quite heavy-duty, well-built, and captivating. With seven rich colors to choose from, it allows you to pick the one that goes well with your gaming studio. It comes in the following racing color variations: black, black/blue, black/indigo, black/grey/blue, black/grey/indigo, black/grey/red, and black/grey/white. Consisting of premium polyurethane leather on the front and back, it makes the chair stain-resistant, easier to clean, while also enhancing its longevity. Nonetheless, AKRacing guarantees that the leather sheathing will last at least a minimum of 5 years, affirming the quality of cover. 

Its upholstery features high-density mold-shaping memory foam, with 55 kg/m³ foam-density for the seat and 50 kg/m³ for the back. This adds another level of comfort and durability to the chair, allowing you to enjoy your gaming or working experience to the fullest. Additionally, it integrates a top-quality metal frame covered with an anti-corrosive coating with an extra heavy-duty gas lift. It essentially, amplifying the durability and stability of the chair; for long-lasting endurance. Besides, it features a five-star aluminum base upon which 2.5 inches large casters are mounted. 

This chair features an advanced ergonomic mechanism and conveniently adjust each part for your optimal position. Moreover, assuring supreme comfort, it comes with adjustable lumbar support and headrest cushions built with the same memory shaping foam. Additionally, it also comes with 4D adjustable armrests, which you may propel up & down, back & forth, left & right, and in and out. Besides, it comprises center-tilt, and tilt-angle locks and 180 degrees recline angle, enabling you to adjust and lock in your desired rocking and reclining position. 

Nonetheless, the overall dimensions of the chair are 28.75″ – 30.25″ Width x 23.25″ Depth x 51.4″ – 54″ Height. The recommended height for this chair is 5ft 6in – 6ft 6in, while the maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs. However, the Body Mass Index is preferred not to exceed 45 points. Besides, this product also meets ANSI and exceeds BIFMA Standards, securing the highest quality standards. Lastly, AKRacing provides you a five-year warranty on the chair, whereas a ten-year warranty on the metal frame.


  • Premium PU covering – guaranteed to last at least five years. 
  • 100% original 55 kg/m³ dense cold-cure memory foam.
  • Fitting for 5ft 6in – 6ft 6in height, and 400 lbs weight. 
  • 4D adjustable armrests. 
  • Enhanced ergonomic style. 
  • Rock and lock control feature. 
  • 180 degrees recline. 
  • Extra heavy-duty gas lift. 
  • Top-quality aluminum base with 2.5 inches large casters. 
  • It meets ANSI and BIFMA Standards

  • Expensive.
  • Due to its heavy body, you might tip over if you lean in too far

4. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Score 8 OUT OF 10
Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Bringing comfort with the best technology in gaming chairs, Homall is a company that strives to turn your unrelenting gaming hours into an undeniable pleasure. Not only dedicated to producing quality chairs, but Homall also custom builds and engineers ergonomic gaming stations. All this providing you with top-notch gaming equipment in one place from a reliable source. Under discussion is a breathtakingly beautiful gaming chair with an unyielding appearance.

Emerging in four ecstatic colors, this chair has a pretty detailed appearance that definitely makes it stand out. Choose from Black/Sky Blue, Black/Red, Black/White, and Black/Grey to add vibrant elegance to your gaming station. Nonetheless, it also has neat stitching with a clean and sleek design. Featuring an ergonomic design, it incorporates a thick padded bucket seat with high-quality PU leather covering. Essentially calls for a luxurious racing time on this chair. 

Incorporating an adjustable/removable headrest and lumbar support pillows and a detachable footrest, this chair makes your time on the chair worthwhile. However, the retractable footrest is 2.7 inches thick and comfortable enough to replicate the napping experience as of on the bed. Nonetheless, the backrest features cool stripes that provide extra comfort and support to the back and spine. Additionally, this chair has vertically adjustable armrests that you may position according to your needs. All these cushioning, padding, and adjustments make the chair highly dependable. 

Furthermore, it offers convenient recline adjustments that vary from 90 to 180 degrees which supports various relaxing and working modes. For instance, 90 degrees is ideal for working, 120 for gaming, 150 for napping, and 180 for proper sleeping. It also allows you to swivel 360 degrees so you may use mobile freely. Additionally, this same 360 degrees swivel rotate feature is also present in the silent rolling casters. These casters comprise PU covering, further tested by 1000 miles of quiet rolling. With these around, you don’t have to worry about noise or scratches on the floor. Moreover, it integrates a class 3 gas lift passed by SGS into a sturdy base – supporting up to 330 lbs of weight. 

Nevertheless, the overall dimensions of this chair are 20.2″ Depth x 20.5″ Width x 66″ Height. It also offers height adjustments that vary from 17.3″ to 21.3″ – perfectly suitable for taller guys. This is a really good quality gaming chair at a pretty reasonable price.


  • Attractive and elegant design.
  • Cool stripes are comforting to your back and spine. 
  • Adjustable lumbar support and removable headrest. 
  • 2.7 inches thick, retractable and detachable footrest. 
  • 90 to 180 degrees recline mode.
  • IT Supports up to 330 lbs of weight.
  • Height control with class 3 gas lift certified by SGS.
  • Silent rolling PU casters tested by 1000 miles rolling.
  • Premium PU covering with thickly padded bucket seat. 
  • Exceptionally sturdy and comfortable

  • Assembly can be a little tricky.
  • Armrests do not move horizontally


That being said, we concluded this review with immense satisfaction as we have included everything for everyone. Covering everything from looks to comfort to some of the unique features – anything you would want in a gaming chair is included here. Nonetheless, our priority was to provide you with various options that perfectly fit your body type and height. Additionally, this article covers a balanced list of products ranging from affordable to reasonable to high prices. We wish you luck with your purchase! In the end, we would like to advise our viewers a bit, no matter which gaming chair you pick, do not get carried away by the looks but focus on the material quality.

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