Best Gaming Chair for Xbox One

#1 Pick

OpenWheeler Gaming Seat Gen3


GTRacing Gaming Chair GT890M

Best Budget

X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair

For gaming fanatics, gaming is more than just having fun killing some time off. It is way more than what others see as some lazy-techy hobby. Gamers relate to their experiences and adventures on a whole different level, leading them to look for gadgets constantly to elevate their gaming adventure. Xbox One by Microsoft is a classic video game console with excellent multimedia functionalities – one of the holy grails in the gaming world. What better way to level up your gaming setup than investing in a multi-functional gaming chair that provides you not only extreme comfort but also supports Xbox One. All this while also being luxurious, racing, trendy, and available at a reasonable price. So, get yourself a drink while we walk you through the five best gaming chairs compatible with Xbox One. And, who knows, you might end up getting one for yourself for an ultimate gaming experience!

#1 Pick

OpenWheeler Gaming Seat Gen3
OpenWheeler Gaming Seat Gen3
Score 9.6OUT OF 10

GTRacing Gaming Chair GT890M
GTRacing Gaming Chair GT890M
Score 9.4OUT OF 10
Best Budget

X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair
X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair
Score 8.8OUT OF 10
Von Racer Video Gaming Chair
Von Racer Video Gaming Chair
Score 8OUT OF 10

1. OpenWheeler Gaming Seat Gen3

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
OpenWheeler Gaming Seat Gen3

Reciprocating the virtual gaming experience into the real world, OpenWheeler believes in a highly innovative, non-conventional approach. Their interest lies in creating a product that expresses the personal style of the user rather than imitating the passing trends. The first impression of the chair is an elegant design that resembles a driver’s seat – mirroring the same for a complete racing experience. Even though the chair resembles the driving seat in some ways, it no way feels like one. Moreover, it allows you to customize the controls as per your likings by including add-ons, such as steering wheel, handbrake, foot pedal, etc. This 3rd generation model by OpenWheeler comes in six striking colors, namely Red, Blue, Orange, Mustard, Green, and Black.

This racing gaming chair remains unmatched in terms of modularity, quality, efficiency, and compatibility based on a cockpit style. Its modular design makes it undeniably accessible and versatile, as it equips you to adjust all the parts of the chair as you see fit. Eventually, enabling you to connect not only with Xbox One but many gaming platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox X, and PC. Additionally, it is also compatible with all sim racing, and flight sim controls brands, with Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec, VirtualReality, Oculus, and Generic USB handbrake – being the highlight. All this allows you to accessorize your gaming chair with almost anything you like. 

With an enhanced ergonomics design, this chair is as realistic as a simulator can get with zero compromises to comfort and support. It has a large, extremely comfortable seat as it comes with plenty of cushions padded for extra support during the long hours of simulation gaming. The material used for the cover is premium quality 100% polyester, highly breathable, and easy to clean. Some water and a sponge are enough to clean it to perfection. Besides, this product by OpenWheeler is built with high-quality materials inside and out, making it durable and stable. Its structure has a top-notch chassis frame with built-in caster wheels, which makes it infinitely easier to move. The steering and pedal platforms are designed to adapt to add-ons by any brand or model.

Nonetheless, you can easily mount the gear shifter bracket of this chair on either side of the driving seat so that you may adjust to your most convenient position. To switch between sim racing and flight modes, it has an effortless swap option. It is compact, easy to move, and adjustable to fit any size or weight. 

Moreover, it also has shoulder support, legs support, and wingback to keep you in your comfy place no matter the movement. It also has a handy recline feature, making it extremely easy to relax between games and/or take a nap whenever feasible. OpenWheelers takes full responsibility for making itself a legitimate and trustworthy brand, which is why they provide you with a complete toolkit needed to mount all hardware components. This toolkit also contains a set of premium quality wrenches alongside other hardware essentials. With its instruction manual featuring colored photos with steps and provided tools, it takes a maximum of 15 to 20 mins to assemble the chair. It is also perfect for short spaces as it takes seconds to dismantle and store away. 

Nevertheless, they provide you with 30 days no-questions-asked return policy on the chair. Besides, they have a 2-year warranty on the seat and a lifetime warranty on the metal parts. This warranty is non-transferable and requires proof of purchase for return.


  • Cockpit racing style. 
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to move. 
  • Almost timeless to assemble. 
  • Highly sturdy and comfy. 
  •  A complete toolkit of all essential hardware and premium quality real wrenches. 
  • Compatible with all gaming platforms, including Xbox One. 
  • Easily accessorized cock-pit as it suits all sim racing and flight control brands. 
  • Modular design makes it easier to find the perfect gaming spot for you. 
  • Exceptional warranty

  • Pricey. 
  • Occupies more space while on use.
  • A little low on for tall people

2. GTRacing Gaming Chair GT890M

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
GTRacing Gaming Chair GT890M

Dedicated to producing satisfying gaming chairs of all time, GTRacing is a brand whose primary inspiration is providing comfort and encouragement to gamers across the globe. GTRacing combined gentle, tiger, and racing are three unique characteristics that shape this chair into an excellent gaming addition.

Look and feel wise, this chair is an excellent choice for gamers with high taste in elegance and style with no compromise on leisure and durability. Essentially, this product provides you exactly that. It is an ergonomic racing-style music gaming chair with two embedded speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. With high-quality materials used inside and out, this chair is ideal for tall and heavy gamers. Besides, this product by GTRacing comes in five stunning colors: blue, grey, red, purple, and white – for an absolute match to your gaming setup. 

Talking about its Bluetooth connectivity and speakers, it is undoubtedly a rarity in chairs to have such advanced features present within the chair you game in. The Bluetooth speakers with a patented design by GTRacing have a connectivity range of 5 meters and are compatible with multiple devices. These devices include various gaming platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, etc., and also any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone devices, like, mobile or tablet. Speakers are not just present there as a placeholder, but they enrich your gaming experience with surround sound for a thrilling adventure. The stereo and surround sound deliver remarkably rich and loud music with resonant bass. Additionally, it takes 3 hours to charge and provides you with 5 to 6 hours of playtime. 

For a prime and durable structure, a high-quality metal skeleton binds the entire chair together. The upholstery comprises a premium high-density foam making it last and hold shape for more than twice the lifespan a normal foam would last. The cover is a smooth polyurethane leather, which makes it stain-resistant and easier to clean. For additional comfort, it comes with a lumbar support cushion along with an adjustable headrest pillow. The seat itself has thick padding enabling it to provide supreme comfort every time you sit on it. All this makes it ideal for people with back pain, too, as the lumbar support and headrest relieve strain and pressure from the spine. Besides, it has 3D adjustable armrests for maximum customization. You may move them up and down, back and forth, and sideways to find your perfect spot for resting your arms. 

Nonetheless, it also supports rocking and recline. The rocking feature allows you to sway back & forth for a non-restricting relaxing movement. On the other hand, its 90 degrees to 170 degrees recline enables you to lean back freely. It also provides you with a lock and unlock feature, so you may fix your position as you please, best suiting your ongoing activity. Nonetheless, all these features also make this chair ideal for a power nap between work and gaming sessions. Besides, it allows you to swivel 360 degrees and has a five-point base built with heavy-duty material. For extreme mobility and stability, the chair has smooth-rolling nylon casters mounted on the sturdy base. Not only that, but this music gaming chair can also endure up to 300 lbs of weight and 5.9 ft height – making it accessible to gamers of almost all sizes and weights.


  • Bluetooth connectivity to all smart devices
  • Compatible with many gaming consoles, including Xbox One. 
  • Two surround speakers with rich stereo sound and bass. 
  • Six hours playtime with 3 hrs charge. 
  • Lumbar support and headrest. 
  • 3D adjustable arms. 
  • A 170 degrees recline and rock. 
  • Weight capacity of 300 lb, and height support up to 5.9 ft. 
  • Premium quality materials inside and out. 
  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Armrests are not padded. 
  • Armrests wobble a lot. 
  • Squeaks and creaks a bit

3. X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair

X Rocker produces its products intending to reciprocate and revolutionalize all digital media has to offer. Built with ingenious and innovative design, X Rocker delivers original quality products compatible with all the latest media devices and gaming consoles. X Rocker has a diversifying product line, with everything from pedestals, to office gaming chairs and headsets. However, they are well-known for their high-tech audio-enabled floor rocking chairs. Today, we have one such remarkable floor rocking gaming chair under discussion.

For the gamers fancying state-of-the-art gaming chairs with the highest level of comfort and enduring for extended use, the H3 by X Rocker Pro Series is a delight. Creatively designed, this all-purpose rocking chair provides you all the multimedia controls and comfort adjustments that are just a touch away. Featuring a highly sophisticated appearance, Pro H3 would definitely be a worthy addition to your setup. It comes in only one color, i.e., classic black, that would match flawlessly with any interior. 

Midnight Pro H3 is a highly versatile chair used for various purposes, including napping, reading, working, watching shows, listening to music, and ultimately, video gaming. The exterior is a premium quality PU leather, while the interior is a thick padded seat with a headrest to support your posture in a highly relaxing manner. Additionally, the structure of the chair comprises a metal framework with durable wood for a reliable skeleton. 

The metal frame has an additional padding of a vinyl covering, making it firm to touch and effortless to clean. All this contributing to its durability, providing you with a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. Besides, it also incorporates slidable armrests, making it warm and cozy for all our gaming enthusiasts. Plus, it is completely foldable, meaning moving and storing this product will not be an issue. Nonetheless, it has resilient rocking and reclining for a persistent, flexible sway. 

Furthermore, this rocking gaming chair provides you with extraordinary multimedia compatibility, aside from which you will not need to connect to anything else. For enchanting surround sound, this product incorporates four forward-facing speakers with audio force modulation technology. Additionally, it also consists of subwoofers with a high-tech power ported system. For a powerful full-body immersion, these subwoofers are present in the backrest producing high audio bass into the open space inside the chair. Nevertheless, it also includes extra vibration motors, enabling you to sync your music better, essentially creating an even amplified gaming atmosphere. This vibrating feature is incredibly beneficial if you are following any meditation and relaxation treatments. 

Its compatibility supports many gaming and multimedia platforms, including Xbox, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, DVD, and MP3. The control panel mounted on the right is easily accessible and contains all the features necessary for unparallel gaming. You can control bass and volume explicitly from the control panel. Besides, this chair comprises input and output jacks that allow you to connect to other rocker chairs within range for a multiplayer game. All this making this chair a holy grail for all gaming fanatics and movie enthusiasts who prefer a little something out of the box.


  • Highly padded and durable. 
  • Weight capacity of 275 lbs. 
  • Excellent media compatibility; supports various gaming consoles, including Xbox One. 
  • Incredible sound system – two pairs of front-facing speakers, subwoofers, and additional vibrators. 
  • Allows you to connect to other Rocking Chairs nearby. 
  • Foldable – easier to move and store. 
  • Flexible rock and recline feature. 
  • Adjustable control panel.
  • No need to assemble. 
  • Easy to clean

  • It might not be suitable for a tall guy.
  • Short warranty of 3 months

4. Von Racer Video Gaming Chair

Score 8 OUT OF 10
Von Racer Video Gaming Chair

Guided by innovation and a motivated team, Von Racer is a brand that prides itself in producing undeniably satisfactory and modern gaming chairs. They strive to achieve the highest performance and maximum efficiency in all their products. This gaming chair by Von Racer is perfect for anyone experiencing low back pains, as it features a curved backrest to provide you immense support. Consisting of a simple yet sleek design, this rocking chair is quite appealing to those with a minimalistic taste. It comes in black color with a red accent, giving out the traditional gamers’ vibes.

Featuring an ergonomic style with high-quality materials, this product is ridiculously durable and comfortable. The chair itself was designed particularly to encourage console gamers who prefer a little modern touch to the old-school rocking chairs. For a head-to-toe immersion, this chair incorporates pretty good media support. This chair is ideal for any tech-geek who relishes stable connectivity for an enhanced over-the-top gaming experience with built-in Bluetooth and aux cable connectivity. 

Additionally, it also includes two powerful speakers present on either side of the head support. Plus, a four inches subwoofer that has been installed on the rear backrest. It radically amplifying the sound and bass for an entertaining game. Nonetheless, its wireless media connectivity enables you to connect to various smart devices and gaming consoles, which is great for Xbox One. Besides, this multipurpose chair can be used to relax, read, watch shows or movies, listen to music, work, or just take a power nap between the sessions. 

Incorporating a high-back tilt and 360 degrees swivel pedestal, this rocker is designed keeping in mind absolute comfort and support. Every part of the seat is highly padded with premium upholstery for undeniable support and leisure. Aside from its ergonomically curved padded backrest, it also features an additional headrest that can easily be adjusted in position with Velcro. Nonetheless, it comprises soft padded armrests, which can be flipped out of place when not in use. A high-quality metal skeleton is integrated for strong support binding the chair together, which is backed by a high-density sponge used for ultra-padding. This ensures supreme comfort to the back, head, hips while minimizing the effect of continuous gaming hours on the body. It is also highly flexible, providing you a good recline. Due to its flexible nature, it can also be folded back and stored as per convenience.

Nevertheless, Von Racer keeps their customers their top priority, which is why they offer you exceptional after-sales customer support. Their customer support is always more than ready to help clarify your concerns and queries. Besides, they provide you with a 1-year limited warranty on this product, so you may make this purchase with complete confidence.


  • Immersive wireless media experience. 
  • Ergonomic style with high tilted back and extreme padding. 
  • Compatible with gaming consoles and other smart devices.
  • Supreme comfort and support. 
  • It consists of two speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer. 
  • Premium quality interior and exterior.
  • Easy to move and store. 
  • Affordable

  • Height is not adjustable – may not suit a tall guy. 
  • Aux cable has a short length

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should I get a console-enabled gaming chair? 

Console-enabled gaming chairs are designed while keeping in mind the requirements of a console gamer. Supporting all major gaming platforms like Xbox One, PS5, or Nintendo Wii, they are sometimes also compatible with smart wireless devices as well. The main purpose is to reciprocate the virtual gaming experience in reality. This is usually done by integrating vibrators and speakers for powerful bass and uncanny music experience. Since they are designed particularly for console gamers, they usually have ergonomic features supporting the posture of console gamers. 

2. Why are console-enabled gaming chairs expensive?

A good quality gaming chair demands some extra investing as premium material costs higher than regular. Accordingly, high-quality tech that guarantees longevity requires a fair investment as well. For console gaming, the central part is multimedia that helps in reciprocating the gaming experience well. Thus product quality combined with high-tech sums up to an expensive gaming chair. 


Satisfying video gamers with a product that fulfills all their needs at once is a fairly complicated task. However, we took the challenge wholeheartedly. While researching the most comfortable and compatible gaming chair, we made sure to diversify our list while going not-so-heavy on the budget. There is something for everyone, including classic rockers with a modern enhancement, a cockpit for an unreal experience, or an exemplary ergonomic racing chair. Aside from these distinct categories, all these gaming chairs are highly tech-focused and media-enabled. Not only that, but its advanced compatibility enables you to connect to various gaming consoles and smart devices aside from Xbox One. For all its worth, we can certainly say that all these chairs are deserving of every penny charged. 

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