Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

#1 Pick

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


HyperX Alloy Origins - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Budget

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

A keyboard is a vital part of any laptop or PC, but it plays an even more crucial role in gaming. It probably remains in your hands throughout the entire session. It has the same popularity in gaming as a joystick controller. Many people across the globe love to play games using a keyboard because it provides them with more options than regular controllers. 

Many new keyboards make a gaming session easier and comfortable, and a low-profile keyboard is one of them. Low-profile keyboards are specially designed for gaming. Their lightweight and shorter body make it possible to carry it anywhere. 

The adjustable angles and a wrist rest pad prevent you from developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. As a result, you can play for a long time without any problems. Similarly, low-profile keyboards are also beneficial for long typing projects.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best low-profile mechanical keyboards on the market to help you decide which one to get. 

Best Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards

Finding a suitable low-profile mechanical keyboard can be challenging. To help you make sense of it all, we have compiled a list of the 5 best low-profile mechanical keyboards. Let’s dive in!

#1 Pick

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Score 9.4 OUT OF 10

HyperX Alloy Origins - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Origins – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Score 9.6OUT OF 10
Best Budget

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard
Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard
Score 9.4OUT OF 10
Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Score 9.4OUT OF 10
White DIERYA DK63W Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Computer Keyboard
White DIERYA DK63W Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Computer Keyboard
Score 8.6OUT OF 10

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is a part of the Corsair brand’s 70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard series. Corsair is a China-based company that released this keyboard in June 2018.

They have indeed outdone themselves with the introduction of this mechanical keyboard. It is one of its kind, which is why it is on the top of our list of the best low-profile mechanical keyboards.

It has a green, red and blue color backlighting which is shortly called RGB backlighting. Due to the presence of these primary three colors, it provides you unlimited color customization and control. 

Since the lighting customization allows you to change the colors according to your mood and game, your gaming experience becomes more enjoyable.

It is a wired keyboard; the cable is detachable from the keyboard. You can easily plug the cable into a USB port. So, you can connect it to almost every laptop and PC. The operating system is based on Microsoft Windows, making it compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. 

It is a low-profile keyboard, with a total height of 1.3 inches and weighing about 2.1 pounds. Cherry MX Speed Mechanical switches make it an ultimate gaming keyboard because it is precise and fast in its response. 

You might think this lightweight keyboard must be fragile and easy to break, but you are wrong if you think so. Its aluminum frame makes it highly durable, ensuring a long gaming life. 

This keyboard also comes with a port for connecting portable storage devices. Not to mention, it contains 8 MB of storage, which includes the keyboard settings. It has three storage files that can be opened at any time, independent of the external storage. 

With such unique features and functionality, this keyboard can be your ultimate choice for gaming.


  • RGB lighting makes the gaming experience enjoyable 
  • Easy to play games with fast and accurate actions
  • Durable quality

  • Keys are extra sensitive; they get clicked with a mere finger touch
  • Only best for gaming, not suitable for typing

2. HyperX Alloy Origins – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
HyperX Alloy Origins - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Released by HyperX, the Alloy Origins mechanical gaming keyboard is arguably one of the best keyboards of this brand. First released in March 2020 in China, it has been a favorite of many gamers worldwide.

The low-profile mechanical keyboard consists of RGB lighting that allows backlighting customization of up to 16 million colors. Dynamic effects of the dazzling RGB light effects are a special feature. Such lighting enhances the gaming experience for the gamer by giving personalized gaming vibes.

Weighing about 2.4 pounds, it is pretty lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere. The product dimension is 17.4 x 5.2 x 1.5 inches, which is a perfect low-profile keyboard size.

HyperX NGENUITY software 3 provides you with the advanced customization of the keyboard. The angles are adjustable, and you can set the keyboard at your preferred angle. Onboard memory is also present that supports up to three profiles. 

There is a designated game mode on this keyboard that enhances the gaming experience. N-Key roll-over functionalities are also present. HyperX Mechanical Switches are used in the keys of this board. These keys have a long life which is up to 80 million keystrokes. 

Since it is a favorite of so many gamers worldwide, you should also get it and enjoy your gaming.


  • It is compatible with iPad Pro, PS, and Xbox as well 
  • HyperX red is smooth and gives a less scratchy feeling 
  • Durable build

  • Its software is awful
  • A driver update issue can affect the functioning of some keys

3. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Razer is the manufacturer of this intelligent keyboard. Based on the retail tracking service of the dollar sale, 2017 to 2021, it is the number one gaming accessories manufacturer in the United States. The Chroma Gaming Keyboard by Razer came out in September 2016.

The lighting of the keyboard is just excellent because it has an individual key lighting customization option. Each key light is available in eight million colors. Therefore, which is absolutely extraordinary. With all these options, you can create whatever atmosphere you want for yourself!

There are high-performance Meca-membrane switches in the keys that provide the tactile feedback of mechanical keypress on a soft-cushioned and rubber-membrane switch. These rubber dome switches make this keyboard highly suitable for gaming. 

It is compatible with the world’s famous game Razer hardware, named a Philips Hue. Entirely programmable Macro Support hyper shifts are present in it that allow it for all keys and keypresses. 

It also helps to execute complex commands. Its keys are highly durable, as they can withstand 80 million clicks in two years.

The total height of the keyboard is 1.3 inches, weighing about 1.9 pounds si it will be the best low-profile mechanical keyboard. It also has room for the attachment of a wrist rest pad. 

The pad is a very soft leather pad that you attach on either side of the keyboard according to your comfort. It is beneficial for relaxing your hands if you have a prolonged gaming period or lengthy typing sessions.

Since its release, it has won the trust of about nine thousand customers so you should not hesitate before buying it. It is an excellent pick for you.


  • The mixture of mechanical and soft cushioned touches makes it even more comfortable to use
  • Suitable for both typing and gaming
  • It has a comfortable wrist rest pad

  • 1, 2, and F-2 keys stop working correctly
  • To adjust colors, you have to register for the company’s software

4. HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Released under the series name of G915 Tenkeyless, this mechanical keyboard is one of the best low-profile gaming keyboards. It was first released in May 2020 by the Logitech manufacturers.

Logitech is the number one and well-renowned brand of wireless gaming accessories. Their reputation and fame speak for their product’s durability and functionality.

It is a wireless mechanical keyboard that works by Bluetooth. The range of the connection is pretty impressive, so you can sit far away from the computer and still enjoy playing the game. 

A single lithium-ion battery is enough for it, continuously working for 40 hours of gaming without interruption. 

You can carry this keyboard anywhere without any hesitation because it is impossibly thin, with a height of only about 0.9 inches. It has an impressive, durable quality because aircraft-grade aluminum is used in its frame, which raises its weight a little bit by about 2.9 pounds.

All-in-all it is an excellent option for gaming lovers as it will suffice all their gaming needs and requirements.


  • It connects with multiple devices due to its lightspeed Bluetooth connectivity
  • The keyboard provides three different options for tactile feedback

  • A touch from edges cannot register a keypress for some keys during gameplay
  • The lights of the keyboard get off after a boot

5. White DIERYA DK63W Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Computer Keyboard

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
White DIERYA DK63W Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Computer Keyboard

Dierya is the brand and manufacturer of this keyboard. 27 February 2020 was its date of release. You can imagine its popularity because it has so many happy customers during this short period. The brand has put so much effort into creating this masterpiece that it reflects every part of this keyboard.

It features a 60 percent key layout, which gives a small shape and key switches to it. Numeric pad, function keys, navigation key cluster, and arrow keys are not present on it. But it does not reduce its functionality; it is still sufficient for all the gaming requirements.

It has a dual connectivity system, as it uses both wired and wireless connections. A wired connection only requires a USB cable. The wireless connection occurs via Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth connection range is quite efficient, connecting it with the device from a distance of almost 30 feet. The lithium-ion battery is 1900mAH, double of most of the other 60 percent of keyboards, providing a long gaming experience.

The pure white color of the keyboard looks fantastic, with the different background lights for each key. Its height is 1.8 inches, and its weight is about 1.9 pounds. The keyboard is compatible with tablets, Xbox, PS4, and PS5, making it a proper gaming keyboard.

If you are on a hunt for an exceptionally well-performing keyboard, then it is your perfect fit.


  • Requires less space and can be easily carried anywhere
  • Prolonged battery timing lasts for a few days upon complete charge

  • Some keys and the RGB effect might stop working

Buying Guide

After going through some of the best low-profile keyboards and seeing all their incredible features, you might be a little confused as to what you actually need. 

Extra features are nice, of course, but there are some basic must-have features you should not ignore. So, here are the things to keep in mind when buying a low-profile mechanical keyboard.

Key Layout

The arrangement of the keys on the keyboard is the first thing to notice while shopping. You should check that all the required keys are present, as some keyboards may lack certain essential keys. 

Similarly, look at the arrangement of the keys. It should be gaming-friendly and make playing easy and comfortable. It will help you decide the keyboard that suits you the most.


Using a keyboard for several hours will cause pain in your hands and wrists. An ergonomically designed keyboard can either prevent this problem or reduce your symptoms.

It ensures that your hands will be positioned at the correct angles to keep them comfortable. There are many keyboards with adjustable angles, and you should opt for them if you suffer from wrist pain. 

Wired or Wireless

A wired keyboard does not allow you to sit far from the screen. Spending long hours sitting close to the screen is bad for your eyes. With a wired keyboard, you will also have to deal with annoying cables. 

By contrast, a wireless keyboard allows you to sit in any corner of the room and play your game. Just make sure it has strong USB connectivity. That being said, whether you go wired or wireless is entirely up to you. 


A low-profile keyboard should have the minimum height because it is easier and more comfortable to use. 


1. What is a low-profile keyboard?

A low-profile keyboard has a lighter weight, shorter body, and smaller switches than the regular ones. It is pretty similar to the keyboard of a laptop.

2. Does a low-profile keyboard perform well for gaming?

Yes, a low-profile keyboard offers the best gaming experience. Its light weight and small size make it comfortable to use for a long time without experiencing discomfort in your wrists. 

3. Should a mechanical gaming keyboard have a wrist pad?

Yes, a wrist pad is a necessary part of any good gaming keyboard. Resting your hands on it while typing will alleviate any pressure that can lead to wrist pain, strains, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This, in turn, will allow you to play for long hours without any discomfort. 

4. Are low-profile gaming keyboards good for typing?

Due to short height and low key switches, these keyboards require less pressure for a keypress. Moreover, the sensitivity of the keyboard could help you to type at a faster rate. For long hours of typing, these are beneficial as they put less stress on your hands.


With all this information about the 5 best low-profile gaming keyboards and the valuable tips provided in our buying guide, you should now be able to find the perfect low-profile mechanical keyboard. Get one of our recommended keyboards and enjoy your gaming sessions like never before. Happy shopping!

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