Blackweb Gaming Mouse Review – 2021

A good gaming mouse is an essential part of every gaming station because it improves your performance. With the right mouse, you can efficiently win the games and excel in your gaming skills. The mouse speeds up your response time and allows you a faster win. But finding the best gaming mouse for your specific requirements can be difficult.

So, here we are with a review of one of the famous gaming mice named Blackweb RGB gaming mouse. In this article, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about this mouse. By the end, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to buy it or not.

Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse

Brand Overview

Blackweb was created in 2015 by Walmart. It is sold at Walmart stores and websites. Since Walmart was already known worldwide, its electronics brand also became popular in no time. However, Walmart did not disappoint its customers and ensured the production of premium quality electronic devices.

Due to the constant delivery of excellent products and customer service, Blackweb can compete with many leading brands. 

The Blackweb RGB gaming mouse is a great choice for gaming freaks who are on a budget. They can get a good mouse with amazing features for less than $50. The reasonable price tag does not affect the product quality and functionality. If you are a beginner-level gamer who needs to own an all-rounder mouse, then the Blackweb RGB gaming mouse is your best pick. 

This mouse offers an excellent response time with its efficient scroll wheel. You can use the command buttons on the mouse to play the games more easily. It allows you to customize a number of features according to your preference for a most enjoyable gaming experience. 

To give you a further clear idea of this mouse, let’s take a closer look at its details.


  • Its price is extremely reasonable
  • It is precise and easy to use
  • The mouse has a comfortable grip
  • It is a perfect choice for beginner-level gamers

  • The wires of the mouse get tangled and irritate the user
  • After some months, the mouse starts connecting and disconnecting itself


Though, the Blackweb gaming mouse does not have advanced features. But as a beginner, you will only need basic specs with excellent speed and sensitivity. This gaming mouse will surely take your gaming skills to the next level.  Its notable features include: 

Customizable DPI

Blackweb Gaming Mechanical Keyboard ReviewThe Blackweb RGB gaming mouse features an enhanced optical sensor with several DPI (dots per inch) options. With the DPI button, you can switch between 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, and 3200. You can set DPI according to your requirement to adjust your control over the game. Adjustable DPI is one of the key features that a good gaming mouse should have. 

Customizable LED Lights

The mouse has LED lights inside it that illuminate and change colors according to the game. It emits seven different colors that you can customize yourself. The customizations include single colors, status indicators based on the game, and several patterns as well. So, you will have a fun and colorful mouse to enhance your gaming experience. 


There are seven programmable buttons on this mouse that allow for quick reactions during the game. Simply use the command buttons on your thumb and middle finger to give an immediate response. Such responsive command buttons are essential for pro gamers. 

Adjustable Weights

Most gaming mice don’t provide you with comfort and a strong grip. That is not the case with the Blackweb RGB gaming. Since comfort is crucial in gaming, this mouse allows you to adjust the grip to suit your preferences.

The mouse comes with four weights to help you customize it. If you like a lightweight mouse, then you can remove the weights, and if you want your mouse to be heavy, you can add the weights to it. 

Comfortable Design

Blackweb Gaming Mechanical Keyboard ReviewThe mouse features an ergonomic design that fits easily in both hands. The textured sides of the mouse ensure a strong and anti-slip grip. This mouse is great for medium-sized hands. Its light weight prevents your hands from getting tired. So, you can play for a long time without any discomfort. 


While many famous mice are not compatible with MAC, the Blackweb RGB gaming mouse is an exception. This little masterpiece works equally well with both PC and MAC. So, if you need an all-rounder mouse that works with all software, then it will be perfect for you. 


If you are a gamer who needs an excellent mouse in an affordable price range, then the Blackweb RGB gaming mouse is a perfect choice. With its customization options and reasonable price, this mouse should definitely be part of every gaming station. 

Not to mention, it is also compatible with both PC and MAC. We recommend it for gamers who are just starting out. If you are one of them, you should get this mouse as soon as possible. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Get this mouse and start your gaming journey today! We promise you will love it.

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