Evil Controllers Review – 2021

Without an efficient control system, you cannot play video games perfectly. You can use a keyboard and mouse for shooters and strategy games, a touch screen for smartphone puzzles games. You can also use any gaming controller for different types of games.

 Most of the time, a game console comes with a gamepad. If you want to play games on your PC, you should buy a gaming controller for a better experience. There is no problem with playing Overwatch and Fortnite with your mouse and keyboard. 

However, with dual analog sticks under your thumbs, you will be much better at whatever game you play. The comfort of playing with a gaming controller is far superior to a keyboard and a mouse.

Out of the numerous options available, gamers buy controllers according to their taste, budget, and platform. Most controllers have a solid build with reliable compatibility with PC. If you want to indulge, you can get enthusiast-level gamepads from Evil controllers. This company usually customizes first-party Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads, renovating them with new buttons and custom designs. 

Additionally, it provides a variety of electronic skills to get authority in many games. For example, they deliver precise inputs of specific mechanics for Call of Duty and Fortnite. 

The Evil Controllers’ Esports Pro controller Evil Shift is one of the best options for customizable controller lovers. The design and concept of Evil Controllers Esports Pro Controller Evil Shift became very successful among all gamers. So without any further delay, let’s discuss the Evil controllers in detail.

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Evil Controllers Esports Pro Controller Evil Shift

The Evil Controller is a new Xbox One gamepad with new valuable keys. Its design is very ergonomic, and you can press all four paddles at once. The manufacturers have designed all the paddles with textured rubber for a comfortable experience.

These controllers come in both wired and wireless forms, and they are completely modifiable. You can go to Evil controller’s official website and order a customized controller that will suit your preferences. You can select the basic controller for regular features and the wild one for more advanced features from the website.


  • You can customize the controller to your needs
  • The programmable paddles give you a good gaming experience

  • The price of this controller is higher than its competitors
  • The paddles on this controller are not removable


Evil controllers meet the needs of every gamer by employing high-level technology and creativity. They offer countless features that gamers love. In this article, we have shortlisted the standout features of these amazing controllers for you. Let’s dive in!


The Evil controller comes in excellent packaging, and you can see the controller from the outside. The package contains a small information booklet that includes the representation of paddles and handle mods. A series of analog sticks are also available with the package. Moreover, you can choose your own analog stick when purchasing.

Modes and Options

Evil Controllers

The Evil controllers are not new. They are stock Xbox One and PS4 controllers with many custom modifications by the Evil brand. These modifications include rubber-coated paddle buttons, which are in reach of the tips of your pinkie and ring fingers. The controller price starts from $99.99 without modified options, and if you select the upgraded and customized controller, the price goes up to $174.99.

You can get remappable paddles for $29.95 or enhancement for Fortnite with a remappable paddle for $49.99. Thumbsticks can get an upgrade with an addition of $10. More sensitive hair triggers and face buttons can also get updates ranging from $9.95 to $14.95. The direction pad’s ergonomic and mechanical modifications are not available, so you cannot switch the control disc for the plus-designed pad.

This controller provides many customization options, including nine thumbstick colors, ten colors range for D-pad, six LED color choices, three options for remapping, seven grip materials, and many more.

RGB Lights

The Evil Controllers Esports Pro controller Evil Shift has a customizable mod to change the color of the LED ranging from white to blue, orange, light orange, red, or green from behind the Guide button. So, if a gamer feels demotivated, this controller will help them perform better by boosting their energy levels.  The lighting lifts the gamer’s mood and drives them to give the game their all, ultimately increasing the chances of winning.

Pro Tension

Pro Tension is an esports feature that surges the pressure of the thumbsticks, physically permitting the operator to have more skilled control over the movement. It delivers a meaningful advantage in almost all game categories, from racing to firearm games. Since Pro Tension allows the gamer to have good control over the game, it is undoubtedly the best feature of this controller.


With the help of Evil controllers for every game, you can map the paddles with different inputs. Evil Shift Controllers have a variety of advantages that other controllers do not have. The Evil shift controller provides a satisfying mouse-like click with the help of strategic buttons. It helps to increase reaction time. With only 2mm of tactical travel buttons, gamers get an instant response. Evil Shift Controller runs smoothly without any trigger stop. There is no trigger pull limitation for players using the Evil Shift Controller. That is why it takes less time to travel from one button to another, increasing the controller’s performance and response time.


Suppose we look at the compatibility of hairpin and tactile triggers of the Evil Controller Esports Pro Controller Evil Shift. In that case, we know that the hairpin trigger is 100% compatible with all games. The trigger, on the other hand, is only compatible with shooters. The Evil controllers have modified Xbox One and PS4 controllers with custom button options.

The vast compatibility of Evil controllers with Xbox and PS makes it a unique and highly functional option for gamers. So, they can use this controller for both types of games.

Level of Comfort

Evil ControllersThe Evil controllers provide a soft-touch faceplate, black pro grip, adjustable paddles, and sensitive buttons and triggers. The shape is like a stock gamepad with a soft-touch faceplate that gives an extraordinarily comfortable feel and grip. You can also connect the Evil controller to your Xbox one and with your PC.

Each controller comes with four paddles. Two oval paddles are shaped like fingertips, and there is a plastic rubber covering on the back of the buttons. These extend from the back of the left and have suitable grips. Moreover, the designers have attached tiny and sensitive buttons to trigger the pressure exertion with these paddles. If you get upgraded paddles, then you can simply press them to modify the input. Paddles bring the other keys into work that are left idle during the use of other gamepad controllers.

Gaming gadgets must be comfortable enough to use for long stretches of time without getting tired. The Evil controller is perfect because it provides maximum ease and comfort during long and intense gaming sessions.


The Evil Shift Xbox One controller is an excellent choice for modern gamers. It boosts your performance, whether you are playing on the console or using this gamepad somewhere else. 

There are very few controllers that can compete with the features of these incredible devices. The mapping at any time is miles ahead of the Xbox Elite options. It is light in weight and is very efficient with a better response.

This is a quality product that is highly durable and offers an excellent grip, which ensures that gamers will be very comfortable during long gaming sessions. The mods on the controller are simple and easy to use, and their performance is also superb. 

Overall, this controller is a fantastic choice with impressive customer reviews. It is really no surprise that gamers love it.

And so, we can confidently conclude that the Evil Controller is the ideal controller with maximized finger use. The design evolves visually, but the concept behind its Evil shift paddle will always fit the idea. So, in the end, we say that this is indeed a superb choice that will take your gaming to the next level. We are sure that you will love it! Happy gaming!

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