Ewin Gaming Chair Review

Ever intrigued by a product enough that you began wondering all about their origin to where they are now? Well, Ewin’s Knight Series left us with a pretty similar feeling. If this is relatable to you, you are on a similar quest, and we extend our warm welcome to you. We are happy to have you onboard to review Ewin’s KTA Model by their Knight Series for the rest of our audience. This article will cover everything from appearance to materials, dimensions, compatibility, and much more! Happy reading!

Ewin Gaming Chair Review

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Ewin Gaming Chair Review

Getting started in 2016 and quickly attaining the Original Equipment Manufacturer label, E-win is a brand driven by passion. Thriving ever since, E-win aims at producing equipment for a healthier and encouraging working and gaming environment. Manufacturing their own chairs aims to create more humanized designs while constantly enhancing the ergonomic structure. Nonetheless, their strict quality inspection and guaranteed standards provide you with a chair marking high in the industry. Striving for professionalization within the brand, Ewin has secured various certifications by EN1335-2-3, SGS, BIFMA, and UL. Through their persistent diligence, continual testing, and growing experience, they make sure that you receive the best product perfectly fitting to your requirements.

Product Overview

One of Ewin’s growing product lines is their Knight Series, featuring some of the sturdiest and luxurious gaming chairs. Today we discuss the model KTA from this series. With a highly sophisticated look, KTA by Knight Series comes in five exciting colors. These being white, blue, green, red, and yellow – all with a black base. Encapsulated with the highest quality materials, this chair precisely delivers what it promises.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Rocking and locking.
  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • PVC leather covering – sturdy, stain-resistant, waterproof.
  • New and improved cold-cure foam with double the density.
  • Easy to assemble – provided a video guide.
  • Original racing ergonomic design.
  • Class 4 explosion-proof gas lift – verified by SGS and BIFMA.
  • 85 degrees to 155 degrees recline.
  • It contains a steel tube with a 1.5mm thickness for the frame.
  •  Five-star nylon base with hubless PU casters

  • Fabric is not breathable

Comfort and Design

Featuring an ergonomic design, Ewin’s KTA Knight Series has an original racing design that stands tall among all. It acts as a combination of a car seat, gaming chair, and ergonomic design from its structure. Filled with high-density thick padding, its seat and backrest provide supreme comfort and support to the back and the body. Well above quality standards, this padding helps keep the elasticity and durability of the chair for a longer time. Besides, its open-cell breathable structure helps keep you cool throughout the day. Making it appear firm to touch is its environmental-friendly durable leather covering. 

Additionally, it also includes an adjustable headrest and lumbar support for even better support to the spine, back, and neck. Besides, it also provides you with height adjustments for the seat with a lockable tilt mechanism. Essentially enabling you to have a worthwhile experience, this tilt mechanism will lock in any place you want and are comfortable with. With the height adjustments, you can rest your legs and feet in a stress-free relaxing position for a longer period on the chair. 

Nonetheless, this chair offers you a luxurious stretch from 85 degrees to 155 degrees. This helps you achieve your optimal relaxing mode according to your sitting needs. Plus, the chair is as comfortable and adjustable that you could practically take a nap on it in between breaks. Its 2D adjustable armrests allow you to move them vertically or horizontally, however, it goes fit with your napping position. You can also remove lumbar support and headrest as you see fit to experience a quality nap with its full-length recline. Additionally, the same tilt mechanism helps you lock your rocking position in place for a convenient sway. 

If we talk about mobility, this chair offers you a 360 degrees swivel and an unrestricted soft and mute set of casters to support you with. All these customizations ensure that you have a quality experience on the chair no matter how much time you spend.

Material Quality

Ewin Gaming Chair ReviewFor the covering, this chair features an elegant yet durable PVC leather exterior. PVC leather is another type of faux leather that is quite identical to PU leather but has some additional enhancements for better performance. Unlike polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride is made by hybridizing stabilizers, plasticizers, and lubricants – for better protection, softness, and flexibility. This makes it highly durable, wear-proof, and stain-resistant due to its layered structure with lesser pores.

Starring new and improved cold-cure memory foam by Ewin, they have secured another standard of resilience and quality. The high density of this cold-cure foam is twice the heavy and concentrated as compared to the regular foam. Its density and elasticity help keep the foam durable and comfortable for a long-lasting period. Additionally, as the cold-cure foam is shaped into form by pressure, it retains its shape for longer and does not responds well to wear and tear.

Additionally, Ewin uses a 16mm diameter steel tube with a thickness is 1.5mm to shape the structure of the frame. This steel tube is also coated with a European Standard E1 environmental-friendly paint to avoid corrosion or rusting. On the contrary, other low-quality brands use steel tubes whose thickness does not even sum up to 1.2mm. Usually, these tubes are left uncoated by other brands, which reduces the life-shelter of the chair even further.

It provides you maximum stability, assuring the safety and longevity of the product. Other brands usually use class 2 or class 3 gas lifts without any verification that are not much safe and collapse shortly. Nonetheless, it features a class-4 explosion-proof hydraulic cylinder as the gas lift certified by SGS and BIFMA. Moreover, it integrates a five-star Nylon base to hubless mute casters. These soft-gliding silent casters have a PU coating enabling them to roll smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly. Plus, they do not cause damage to the floor or any surface beneath, unlike regular hard and noisy wheels. 

Height and Weight Compatibility

With its wide and high backrest and height adjustment features, this product is perfectly suitable for taller people. However, the top-notch materials used in every part of this chair make this product impressively enduring, carrying up to 400 lbs of weight.


This chair comprises the following dimensions: 21.7″ Depth x 23.2″ Width x 50.78″ Height. Its seat has the following specifications: 22″ Depth x 21.3″ Width x 3.9″ Height (thickness). At the same time, the backrest has a 20.9″ Width x 36.6″ Height. 


It is pretty simple and easy to put together this product, as all of the hardware comes in an already pre-installed state. It hardly takes a maximum of 30 minutes to set this up, perfectly ready to use! Additionally, they provide you with a video guide to help you with the final assembling.


Ewin grants you an impressive 2-10 years limited warranty on all parts of this chair. The metal framework has a warranty of 10 years. While the rest of the parts, like seat, armrests, headrest & lumbar support cushions, casters, five-start nylon base, and gas lift, have two years warranty.


The Knight Series by Ewin already features a wider and stronger body inside and out, essentially replicating a Knight’s qualities in a chair. Ewin itself is a brand entrusted and certified by many retailers and quality control centers. Using top-quality materials while also providing maximum customizations helps you obtain an uncanny experience that you might not experience elsewhere. Precisely, guaranteeing you ultimate comfort and support with an outstanding style! If you are someone who does not compromise on quality and comfort, this product is an excellent choice for you.

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