FicMax Gaming Chair Review

Investing in a good chair can save you trouble later, but investing in a good and affordable chair can save you both trouble and money. Bringing you one of the leading gaming chair brands, FicMax, producing quality products at a reasonable price – definitely gets you a promising audience. Today we will be reviewing one of FicMax’s classic best-selling gaming chairs for all our gaming enthusiasts. Marking all the checkboxes for you, we present you with a product featuring the finest materials, with racing design, headrest, lumbar massage, footrest, and much more! Without much ado, let’s dive into the review!

FicMax Gaming Chair

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
FicMax Gaming Chair Review

Being a production and design company for gaming chairs for over ten years now, FicMax is a brand that guarantees a broad range of products. Where a group of gamers met a passion with a cause to serve gaming chairs fitting to everyone is when FicMax was born. Bringing you the finest materials with incredible designs, FicMax assures that they produce something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a chair for extended use, or something suitable for work, or just gamers’ exclusive racing chair – they got it all. They feature an original ergonomic design and make all these chairs built with quality and care, accessible to all at a reasonable price. They believe that at FicMax, you would definitely find something that suits you well.

Product Overview

The product under discussion today is Ficmax’s Ergonomic Massage Gaming Chair that goes by the code FX-07. Delivering the highest level of comfort, this chair does not compromise on quality, style, or lifespan. Serving the best of racing looks, this product is available in ten exciting colors – providing you a vast set of options to match your gaming station. These are the colors being offered in this model: Black, Black1, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Red/White, Black/Red/White1, Blue/Red/White, Pink, and Black/White. Aside from that, it has some pretty great features to offer, including a massaging lumbar support cushion.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Prime PU leather – dirt & fade resistant, durable.
  • 4.8 inches high-density memory foam – soft and comfy. 
  • Complete metal framework.
  • Class 4 hydraulic gas lift.
  • Heavy-duty wheelbase
  • Removable headrest, adjustable lumbar cushion, retractable footrest.
  • In-built lumbar support massager; USB-enabled.
  • 90 to 180 degrees recline with infinite locking positions. 
  • Adjustable tension with the rocking feature

  • It makes squeaky noises a bit.
  • Leaning forward with the footrest on might tip you over

Comforting Design

Presenting original ergonomic design with an adaption of their own, FX-07 by FicMax is all about comfort and luxury. Ergonomic design is specifically built to provide maximum support for long hours on the chair while relaxing the body and spine to minimize the tiring effect. The seat and backrest consist of dense high-density memory foam with a thickness of 4.8 inches. Nevertheless, this helps release the pressure on the legs, offering a worthwhile sitting experience. Moreover, the memory foam softens itself when it encounters the heat from your body and quickly adapts to your body’s needs. Which essentially creates an embracing effect supporting all the curves of your body for a relaxing time. Besides, this great upholstery holds its shape, avoiding any wear or tear over time, assuring the longevity of the chair’s life. 

Additionally, this product features some pretty cool supporting elements that amplify its comfort levels massively. It comprises an adjustable, removable headrest and lumbar support, incorporating the same memory foam used in the chair itself. Another specialty of this chair is hidden inside the lumbar support, i.e., the built-in massager. This lumbar massager is entirely adjustable, integrated to relieve strain from your lower back while also comforting it in the longer run. Furthermore, to activate its vibrations, you may plug the power cable into a USB port. It takes as low as 5V voltage to stimulate, which can easily be provided by a laptop or power bank. Additionally, you can move the lumbar support pillow up and down so the massager will work directly on the affected area. 

Nonetheless, this chair also equips a retractable ergonomic footrest and soft padded adjustable armrests. Essentially all these act as reinforcements to support one goal – supreme comfort to the user. However, you can adjust these armrests upwards and downwards for up to 8cm in range. Additionally, it provides you a great tilt-mechanism with reclining angles ranging from 90 to 180 degrees with infinite locking points. You can easily opt for your desired position to get your respective tasks done. With this adjustable recline, you can easily nap in during your breaks – 180 degrees recline with a headrest and footrest essentially replicates a bed-like experience. 

For a vigorous back and forth sway, you can rely on its rocking function. To adjust it as per your liking, you may rotate the knob beneath the seat. This will increase or decrease the tension of rocking – lesser tension will make the rocking easier. Lastly, this product features 360 degrees rotating swivel base that allows you to perform an unresisted movement in any direction you like. Supporting this are the smooth and silent rolling casters that glide-free on the surface without damaging the floor. All these accounts for an undeniably comfortable and well-built ergonomic chair, surprisingly available at a very reasonable price.

Material Quality

Talking about the materials, the very first thing you notice in a chair is its covering. Well, this one features prime PU leather for its sheathing. PU or polyurethane leather is a synthetic leather component that resembles closely with original leather. However, PU leather retains its structure for longer than the actual leather. It has some open pores that make it breathable and hence preferable by most. Due to its layered structure stands strong even after consistent usage, making it wear and tear-proof, dirt and fade resistant. 

For its padding, this chair comprises a 4.8 inches dense memory foam. Memory foam is an ideal component for upholstery for those who seek maximum comfort. Additionally, it works great for those who suffer from back and body pains due to the continued gaming/working hours. Built with viscoelastic, memory foam works by absorbing heat and pressure, later redistributing it to support your body by forming a personalized cradle. This makes the chair highly favorable for comfort geeks, as it is soft to touch, supportive, breathable, and high-density, making it durable. 

Featuring a complete metal frame, this chair is built for lasting service life. There is no debate on whether or not metal is ideal for creating a chair’s framework. Metal being the robust element, perfectly supports the cause it is used for in the chair, enhancing the chair’s durability even further. Additionally, this product by FicMax integrates a high-quality class-4 hydraulic piston to a heavy-duty base. Nonetheless, PU-covered mute and smooth casters are mounted to this stable and reliable wheelbase. All this makes this chair incredibly supportive, which allows it to endure up to 350 lbs of weight. 

Customer Service and Warranty

FicMax gives their customers the top priority; keeping this in mind, they provide you with a comprehensive instruction manual for easier assembly. Extending their excellence, they offer you 24/7 customer service. Additionally, in case of any issue regarding the gaming chair, you may approach them via email to seek a solution. They also provide you 1-month free return, no questions asked, and a limited 1-year warranty on replaceable parts. 


For a pretty comfortable and sturdy chair, FicMax definitely amazed us at the price they charge for this product. FX-07 features some of the best racing looks with an awe-inspiring color range, already had most of us stoked. Consisting of the finest materials, this is a highly durable chair with practical functionalities. Nonetheless, this is an excellent choice for back pain as this chair provides exceptional care to the neck, spine, and waist.

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