How to Make Money Playing Valorant

Looking to try out this new title? Why not do one better and start making money from playing Valorant.

Valorant is Riot’s latest first-person shooter and its popularity is skyrocketing. Similar to the game CSGO, Valorant has 5-vs-5 gameplay where one team attacks while the other acts as the defense. Combined with the character selection and different abilities like in LOL or Overwatch, the game has quickly become a hit.

Despite the game being new for 2020, pro teams are already earning $25,000 monthly salaries.[1] Streamers broadcasting Valorant are also quickly becoming Twitch favorites, and with the first Valorant competition – the Ignition Series – currently underway, the title looks on track for a successful future.

With the game being free-to-play it makes it an even more favored title to play for money as you don’t need to purchase the game to start playing. If you’ve got a gaming PC, you’re good to go.

Why not give Valorant a go and start making an income from playing? Here are all the ways that you can do just that.

Live Streaming

A great way to start making money playing Valorant before quitting your day job is to earn money from streaming.

Anyone can start streaming – all you need is the game, the gear, good internet, and an account on an online streaming platform such as Twitch.TV, YouTube Gaming, or DLive.TV.

Once you’re all set, you need to start building your audience as this is where your money will come from – the bigger your fanbase and viewership, the more money you can make from ads, subscriptions, and donations.

streaming of Riots new game Valorant

Valorant has successfully maintained its position in the top 10 most viewed games on the streaming platform Twitch since its launch in June 2020, meaning there are definitely gamers out there who will be keen to watch you play.

Do you have to be a master of the game to start streaming?

No, being a streamer is not only for the elite. Being able to offer others tips and advice is a bonus, but an engaging personality and providing quality entertainment is just as important.

As the game gains more momentum in the coming months, the Valorant streaming community will only get bigger. Get in now while the competition is low!

Competing in Tournaments

If you are particularly skilled at playing, another way to become a paid player is to make money from competing in pro tournaments.

With Valorant only having come out earlier this year, its professional gaming scene is in its infancy. However, the title is blasting full speed ahead with its first competition, known as the Ignition Series, having kicked off in July. This is Riot’s first steps to making the game an eSports title.

As the game is just building its eSports status, the prize pools reflect this. Top-level contests only have $50,000 up for grabs compared to DOTA 2’s $34.3 million in the 2019 Invitational.

However, on top of any tournament winnings, players also receive a salary from their teams. The average monthly salary for a professional Valorant team is $25,000 which consists of five players. This works out at around $60,000 per year plus winnings.

Compared to the salaries of other pro gamers this may seem skimpish, but to the most of us $60,000+ per year for playing video games is a pretty good deal.

Placing Bets

Whereas you may think that Valorant, having only been released this year, will have a barren betting scene, the reverse is actually true. Valorant is one of the best games to bet on for money right now.

The reason why? As a new game, bookies are providing better odds for Valorant compared to other games. And better odds mean larger winnings!

As Valorant is an up-and-coming eSport, the tournament to bet on is the Ignition Series. This competition circuit so far has been a huge success and Valorant tournaments are only expected to get bigger.

2020 valorant eSports logo

You don’t need to be a skilled player to win big by placing bets, making it an ideal option for the less talented gamer. However, you do still need to understand the game and having played before will be advantageous.

If you are new to betting on video game tournaments, take a look at our eSports betting advice which takes you through everything from betting lingo to our highly rated betting sites.

Investing in Valorant

Another way to make money from Valorant is to invest in the game. But, hold up – isn’t investing in a new game a little risky?

Usually, we would say yes.

Investing in something with next to no trends or enough background to grasp whether it will be a success or failure can be a bit of a stab in the dark. However, with Valorant, it is well worth the early investment. Here’s why:

  • Riot’s success from League of Legends – As Riot’s next game after League of Legends, the most popular eSports title globally, it is likely that Valorant will follow suit.
  • Similarities to CS:GOValorant’s gameplay is similar to CS:GO, another popular title. However, Riot has listened to people’s complaints and made it better, with the added bonuses of character selection and different abilities.
  • Valorant Tournaments – Despite having only been released for a few months, Valorant tournaments are being set up and professional players are being snapped up by eSports organizations.

TCEHY logo

Investing in new ventures is risky, but select your investments carefully and the money you can capitalize on is huge. Valorant has this high potential with relatively low risk.

How can I invest in Valorant? The best way to get involved is to buy Tencent Holding Ltd (TCEHY) shares. Tencent owns 100% of Riot games and so Valorant’s success should see Tencent’s stocks rise substantially in the coming months and years.

Learn more about investing in eSports and start making money today.

Becoming a Coach

Another popular way to make money playing Valorant is through coaching other players. If you have the skill and think you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve that others would love to know, this could be the ideal path for you.

screenshot from Valorant gameplay

With Valorant’s projected success many gamers are wanting to get good, and get good fast. As a new game, this is a fresh opportunity for many players and streamers to show their worth and make themselves heard.

Initially start charging low hourly fees until you build up more clientele. However, as the game governs more momentum and coaching comes more in demand, you can up your prices to hundreds of dollars per hour.

What Else?

It is not just Valorant that you can make money from playing. You can earn a living from playing everything from Street Fighter V and PUBG, to StarCraft 2 and everything in between!

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Can I make money playing Valorant?

Yes, you can make money playing Valorant. As a new game, it is a great option for new gamers to break into the scene. There are options to become a streamer, compete, invest, bet, and coach others!

How much prize money has been paid out in Valorant tournaments?

So far $931,293.88 has been paid out in prize money from 193 Valorant tournaments in 2020.

Who is the richest professional Valorant player?

The richest professional Valorant player is Ardis ‘Icepaperhands’ Svarenieks who has won $19,903.77 from Valorant tournaments. All players receive a salary and sponsorship deals on top of their winnings.

What is the salary of a professional Valorant player?

The average monthly salary from a professional Valorant team made up of 5 players is $25,000. This means most players are on a yearly salary of $60,000 plus money from winning.

Should I invest in Valorant?

As a new game, Valorant is a risky investment. However, it is a relatively low risk considering Riot’s success with LoL, but with a potentially huge payout.