KILLABEE Gaming Chair Review

With a bajillion gaming chairs saturating the industry, you may find yourself overwhelmed in a state of indecisiveness. In an inevitable endeavor of searching for your heart and body’s desired chair, we are here to accompany you throughout the way! 

Nowadays, we find gaming chairs of all kinds online and in stores, but some underlying questions present at the back of our heads may bug us often. Which fabric should be preferred, durable or breathable? What quality of upholstery would retain its texture? Does the material of the frame really affect the lifespan of the chair? Getting an expensive or cheaper gaming chair would provide the same experience? 

Buckle up! For we are about to discover one such gaming chair by KILLABEE that will answer these and many more of your unsettled queries!

KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212 Gaming Chair

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212 Gaming Chair

Getting started in 2001, KILLABEE is a name that reflects excellence in its innovative products from the very beginning. Originally established to produce office chairs, KILLABEE expanded their product line in 2013 when there was a scarcity of good quality gaming chairs in the market. The inspiration for KILLABEE’s gaming chairs sparked when some geeks experienced back pains due to prolonged hours of gaming. At that moment, they took it upon themselves to engineer stress-relieving sturdy, comfy, and stylish gaming chairs at an affordable price.

Later, the brand diverged into two more sub-branches for varying needs and products, i.e., Von Racer and FantasyLab. Von Racer is their cheapest line of chairs, while FantasyLab is quite the opposite, grand and more luxurious. However, KILLABEE remains the flagship product line with its hard-to-miss innovative racing gaming chairs.


  • Affordable.
  • Built with premium quality materials.  
  • Supreme comfort and support. 
  • Lumbar support massage. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • 400 lb weight capacity.
  • It supports up to 6 ft 2in height. 
  • Stain-proof and water-resistant.
  • 3D spine support ergonomic model.
  • Cold-cure memory foam upholstery.
  • Integrated metal frame and heavy-duty base.
  • Smooth and silent casters.
  • Heavy-duty base and metal frame. 
  • Adjustable rocking and recline function.

  • It squeaks a lot. 
  • A bit complicated to assemble

Product Overview

The gaming chair we are reviewing today is the 8212 model from the Big and Tall series by KILLABEE. It is a sophisticated-looking, comfy, and sturdy gaming chair that comes at a reasonable price. Making it prominent are some of the unmatched features that KILLABEE provides you in unparalleled quality at such a price. With a high-back, massaging lumbar, dense seat, adjustable headrest, and a heavy-duty base, and more – this chair is a treat for gamers. Additionally, it comes in four stunning colors that would add grace to your gaming setup. 

Comforting Design

Built with an upgraded, ergonomic design, this gaming chair by KILLABEE possesses a maximum level of comfort and stability. Covered with high-quality PU leather is an original cold-cure high-density memory upholstery. For maintaining your posture while providing stability, it has an in-built 3D spine support in the backrest. To elevate its comfort levels even further, they have included a USB-enabled massaging lumbar support cushion along with an adjustable headrest. Both these cushions are built with the same memory foam for preserving consistency in support and leisure. 

Moreover, it has wider 3D adjustable armrests with mild padding for reliable pleasing rest. It can be personalized in the following dimensions; back and forth, up and down, and left and right. Besides, this gaming chair has an enhanced reclining and rocking feature with an angle adjuster. The rocking adjuster allows you to loosen or tighten the grip for a smooth rocking. Similarly, it has 90 – 155 degrees recline angles, which you may secure according to your desired position in place through the lock.

Nonetheless, it also provides you with height adjustability of 3.9 inches to ensure that both you and your legs are resting comfortably. It also allows for a 360 degrees non-restricted swivel rotation. Fulfilling these customizations, you may personalize your gaming, working, and relaxing positions suiting you perfectly well. Given all these factors, we can rationally vouch for this gaming chair’s supreme leisure and stability.

Material Quality

KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212 Gaming ChairA premium quality polyurethane leather is used as the outer cover of the chair. Polyurethane or PU Leather is a type of synthetic leather, closely resembling real leather in many ways. You may look at both and will encounter a tough time trying to determine the between them. Like the one used in this gaming chair, top-quality PU Leather is fade-free, wear and tear proof, water and stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Nonetheless, it is firm to touch while also being durable. Plus, it has an embroidered logo on its backrest rather than a low-quality print. Besides, it has undeniably good stitching, allowing it to look neat and sophisticated. 

The upholstery is built from cold-cure memory foam widely used in gaming chairs as it retains its structure and enhances the product’s longevity. Unlike regular paddings, this foam is molded with pressure. As the name suggests, the shaping process is carried out without the usage of heat. Essentially making it highly dense and incredibly comfortable. The regular foam loses itself to wear and tear since it is not as dense as cold-cure and is trimmed into shape from a larger piece. The first glance at the chair will not tell you the difference between the regular foam and the cold-cure one. However, over time, the regular foam starts losing its shape, opposite to what cold-cure stands for. The seat, headrest, and lumbar support – are all comprised of this cold-cure memory foam. 

The skeleton is constructed from a high-quality metal frame, basically holding the chair together. Metal being one of the strongest materials, is used in the chair frameworks for incredible stability and support. Usually, one-piece metal frames that are bent into shape are considered premium. While they are exceptionally durable, welded metal joints are just as strong as the metal itself. Precisely elevating the durability of the chair and hence increasing its lifespan even further. 

It also has a top-quality explosion-free gas spring as the hydraulic press, responsible for enduring all the load. As it can with-hold up to 400 lbs of weight, this may provide you a measure of its stability and durability. Additionally, it has silent rolling caster wheels covered with PU leather for a smoother, steadier movement. Finally, these casters are integrated on the heavy-duty metal base as well – ensuring you a secure gaming experience.

Compatible Height and Weight

As this chair is from the Big and Tall Series of KILLABEE, it is designed specifically to withstand heavier and taller people. Given the stability and reliability of the chair, it can support up to 400 lbs of weight. On the contrary, the recommended height is 5ft 8in – 6ft 2in. 


The chair’s overall height is from 51.1 inches (at the lowest height setting) to 53.5 inches (at the highest height setting). At the same time, the total width of the chair is 28.4 inches. Coming to the seat’s dimensions, the width of the seat is 21.1 inches, while the depth of the seat is 20.5 inches and thickness is 6.5 inches. On the contrary, the width of the backrest is 23.2 inches, and the height of the backrest is 33.5 inches. 

Unique Features

KILLABEE Big and Tall 8212 Gaming ChairMaking this product unique is the shape of its lumbar support along with the embedded massager. As discussed earlier, the lumbar support cushion is built with cold-cure memory foam, which is already quite comforting to the spine. However, to help people with back pain relieve already present strain and fatigue in the spine, the implanted massager does wonders. It has varying intensity modes, which you may adjust as per your preferences. You may plug the USB cable into any nearby port to activate the massager, and it will start working. Not only that, it helps to ease the present fatigue, but it also provides you utmost relaxation preventing you from getting such back pains. 

Another unique feature of this ergonomic massaging gaming chair is that it incorporates a 3D spine support model. Ergonomic design already provides you flexibility and efficiency in the workspace. The upgraded 3D spine support model adjusts according to your body weight. Sitting in this chair almost feels as if a comfy giant figure from behind hugs you. 

KILLABEE’s team acknowledges how horrible and excruciating back pains can get – diminishing your daily life activities little by little when continued for long. This is why they devised all these products in the first place. The Big and Tall 8212 Model is packed with all the comfort you can get in one place.

Customer Service and Warranty

KILLABEE provides you with an excellent after-sales service. In case of any dissatisfaction with the received product or service, you may avail of their 24/7 customer support. As reviewed by other customers, they are prompt in their servicing and deliver satisfactory results. Additionally, they provide a one-year warranty on parts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked general questions about gaming chairs are answered below.


Providing you with outstanding gaming chairs in an affordable price range, KILLABEE fulfills all the needs of its customers. Innovating relaxing, functional, efficient gaming chairs is their top priority. They strive to create hard-to-replace gaming chairs, making them highly convenient even for taller and heavier people with excellent weight capacity and height support.

2. Why gaming chairs?

For gamers or office workers spending more than 8 hours on a chair, these gaming chairs are innovated to fulfill their maximum needs. With an ergonomic design that keeps getting upgraded, they are engineered for extraordinary comfort and stability. Nonetheless, to relieve strain and pressure on the spine, for a enjoyable gaming or working experience on the chair.

3. Which fabric should be preferred, durable or breathable?

It depends on where you live and what your needs are. If you live in Arizona, a highly breathable fabric would be best for you. There are many gaming chairs in the market that include highly breathable yet durable fabric options. However, if you live in a comparatively less hot area, polyurethane leather is a reasonably good option. It is durable, firm to the touch, stain-resistant, easy to clean. 

4. What quality of upholstery would retain its texture?

A premium quality cold-cure memory foam is one of the best upholstery materials out there. It is engineered for daily usage concerning human needs. Cold-pressed into shape, it retains its texture exceptionally well while also being undeniably comfortable. 

5. Does the material of the frame really affect the lifespan of the chair?

Indeed, it does. A chair made with low-quality materials may not seem that unstable at first, but it would definitely start showing up wears and tears almost rapidly. The frame is what actually holds everything together; without durable support, the chair would collapse in a matter of few months at most. 

6. Getting an expensive or cheaper gaming chair would provide the same experience?

No. A cheaper chair will always bug you from here and there, as it is built with low-quality materials. Eventually, ridding you of comfort, disrupted your posture, and ruining your gaming experience. On the contrary, an expensive gaming chair is constructed keeping in mind all the user needs. Where comfort and durability have the highest priority. A cheaper chair will do you more harm than good. However, there are many affordable quality options available in the market, too; it just takes some experience and research to find out. 


Summing up this worthwhile research on the note that it was quite amusing serving as a guiding companion on your hunting-the-perfect-chair-down quest. We hope that the presented information would help you make a firm decision and the right purchase. This chair by KILLABEE is a deluxe model of their Big and Tall Series, portraying their undeniable values at an affordable price. Engineered with the utmost care, it delivers supreme comfort, quality product, rapid service, and a reliable benchmark. Happy gaming! Until next time!

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