Logitech Performance Plus Mouse Review 2021

A computer mouse helps you perform various tasks like moving the cursor, clicking, and scrolling between pages. Depending on the number of buttons, some mice can do even more. There are several types of mice on the market targeting different needs, and brands keep introducing new computer accessories with unique features every day. 

The performance plus mouse by Logitech is one of the delightful additions to the market. It is a new version of the M705 mouse, which the company discontinued for unknown reasons. However, they replaced it with performance plus, which might be even better than the older version. 

Let’s find out whether this mouse is worth its price or not.

Logitech Performance Plus Mouse

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Logitech Performance Plus Mouse

Logitech, a well-known brand of computer accessories, is appreciated globally due to its innovative products. Their performance plus mouse is an excellent addition to their array of products, and its functionality is impeccable. There are many attractive features that make this mouse an amazing choice for you.

So, let’s dive into the details of this little masterpiece.


This superb mouse allows you to complete tasks in less time, thanks to its high precision and speed. Here are some of the notable features of the performance plus mouse that make it one of the best.


  • It provides a strong wireless connection for up to 10 meters
  • The mouse has a comfortable and anti-slip grip
  • The hyper-fast scrolling is incredible
  • It includes a unifying USB receiver that connects six different compatible devices

  • The width of the mouse is too much for small hands
  • It does not work on glass surfaces


With its USB receiver, the performance plus mouse provides its users with freedom of movement. A solid wireless connection allows you to use the mouse from a distance of up to 10 meters. You can also connect six compatible devices using a single USB receiver. 


Logitech Performance Plus MouseMade of high-quality plastic, this mouse ensures an anti-slip grip. Its body feels sturdy and solid in your hand, and its sleek black color gives it style and elegance. 

Battery Life

This battery-operated mouse by Logitech comes with 2 x AA batteries with long-lasting power. The perfectly engineered batteries provide you an unbelievable battery life of three years. So, you will not have to change its batteries as frequently as other mice. 

Efficient Scrolling

Do you find scrolling between pages to be an awkward task? Well, the efficient scrolling wheel of this mouse solves that problem for you. It ensures hyper-fast and accurate scrolling that will help you get more work done in less time. 

Right-Hand Design

If you are a right-handed person, this is an ideal mouse for you. As the contoured shape of this mouse follows the natural curve of your right hand, you will not get tired soon. To further enhance the comfort, there are rubber side grips that ensure a firm grip.


The Logitech performance plus mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The vast compatibility makes it one of the best mice available on the market.


In our opinion, the performance plus mouse is a fantastic choice for people who want a reasonably priced mouse with extraordinary specs. It will make your hectic computer tasks and gaming sessions a lot easier. 

This is definitely a device worth buying, primarily because of hyper-fast scrolling and incredible battery life. So, what are you waiting for? Get this mouse and maximize your efficiency today!

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