Mechanical Keyboard vs Rubber Dome

For a successful career in gaming, you need a great keyboard. Every gadget plays an essential role in a gamer’s life. A high-quality QWERTY keyboard with useful features enhances your gaming skills and increases your winning rate. But there are many types of keyboards available, and debate over which is the best is never-ending

The two types that are in constant competition are mechanical keyboards and rubber domes.  In this article, we will compare the features of both keyboards to help you pick the right one for your needs. So, stay tuned for our final verdict.

1. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to computer equipment, mechanical keyboards are one of the most effective tools. In a standard keyboard, a stem connects to the keycap, which works with the help of a spring.

When we press the keycap, the stem falls, and two electrical contacts communicate with each other to provide us with the output. However, on a mechanical keyboard, each key is protected by a separate plastic cover, allowing you to hear the sound whenever you press the key. It also improves your typing speed because you can listen to the sound, increasing your finger-to-mind coordination.

Not all mechanical keyboards work in the same way. There are two types of switches often used in mechanical keyboards: tactile and linear. In a linear switch, you have to press each key all the way to type. By contrast, you don’t need to use any force with a tactile switch since the keys work so quickly and efficiently that the slightest touch will make a difference. That is why a tactile switch will enhance your typing speed.

Mechanical keyboards are popular among programmers and gamers because they provide complete control over keys. In gaming, the player fully concentrates on his game, and the mechanical keyboard mechanism keeps him mindful of every key he uses.

2. Rubber Domes

Rubber Domes

Rubber dome keyboards are prevalent because they are flexible, affordable, and have a firm carbon core. Most office workers and beginner-level computer users employ them. When you press the key, the rubber pushes and attaches the key to the keyboard wires, resulting in a quick output.

The rubber dome returns to its standard shape when the key connects to the keyboard. There are a variety of keycaps available in this type of keyboard. It is pretty hard to choose which keycap is more comfortable.

This keyboard is incredibly simple to use in everyday situations. The user has complete control over the keys, and the switches under them are of average quality. Every key of this keyboard functions independently and uniquely. Beginner-level gamers also use it as it is readily available to them. 

Rubber domes play an essential role in the gaming industry. Still, they are not the favorite of gamers. However, using a rubber dome is quite common in everyday life since it is affordable and easy to use for many individuals.

It has a lower typing voice, making it harder for the user to comprehend what he is typing. Overall this keyboard offers the essential features and is great for daily use.

Differences Between Mechanical Keyboard and Rubber Dome

Both these keyboards have distinct characteristics, which are necessary to cover. So, let’s discuss few differences between mechanical keyboards and rubber dome keyboards:


Mechanical keyboards are specifically made for people who work long hours on their PC. That is why they prioritize comfort and come with wrist rests. On the other hand, rubber domes are for people who use their keyboards less often, so there is less emphasis on the user’s comfort.


Mechanical keyboards are more popular among those who use their keyboards frequently. They are the best choice for programmers and gamers as they ensure correct key pressing with minimal chances of mistakes.

Rubber domes are not as accurate as mechanical keyboards. Sometimes the adjacent key gets pressed and causes mistakes. A fast typist or pro gamer will not be comfortable with a rubber dome since it causes excessive errors.


Even though a mechanical keyboard is more expensive than a  rubber dome, it provides many extra features that make it worth the price. Despite their high price tag, mechanical keyboards are still popular because they offer more control, comfort, and accuracy. However, rubber domes are more affordable and widely used. So most people who use a computer regularly opt for rubber domes. 


Mechanical keyboards are highly durable, both in terms of exterior and interior. Most of them have metallic bodies and top-class switches. The key range for every key is about 20 million to 100 million.

In contrast, rubber domes are not durable and do not last long. They have a plastic body and average quality switches. Their key range for every key is about 5 million presses. So when it comes to durability, mechanical ones are the best.  

Key Rollover

Because of advanced tools such as rollover, mechanical keyboards are the preferred keyboard for gamers and programmers. If two neighboring keys are pressed simultaneously in mechanical keyboards, the system will detect both presses separately, making it more accurate.

The rubber dome cancels the presses when they happen unexpectedly. Two keys pressed simultaneously are considered one press most of the time. Due to which gamers, who use many keys simultaneously, do not like rubber domes. 

Keycap Replacement

If you break one or more keys on your mechanical keyboard, you can buy new keys and place them on the keyboard. You do not have to throw the entire keyboard after losing a few keys. Just take out the broken key and replace it with a new one. 

With rubber dome keyboards, the keys are not detachable. Therefore, you have to change the whole keyboard when a single key breaks. 

Key Noise

Some people dislike mechanical keyboards because they make more clicking noises when typing. This can be irritating both for the user and the people around them. But this keypress noise is the hallmark of mechanical keyboards. You can’t use it wherever you want without disturbing others around you. By contrast, rubber dome keyboards don’t make any noise while typing. 


Mechanical keyboards are heavier since they are made of metal. Their weight also makes them more stable, so they won’t move around much when you are typing. On the other hand, rubber dome keyboards are made of lightweight plastic and can slide around when you are typing if you don’t find a way to stabilize them. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

The keys on a mechanical keyboard are detachable, allowing you to clean it more quickly and easily. However, this is not the case with rubber domes because their keys are not detachable. The cleaning process can range from difficult to almost impossible. 

Similarities Between Mechanical Keyboard and Rubber Dome

By now, you have probably noticed that mechanical and rubber dome keyboards are very different. There is only one element they have in common, and that is their backlighting. The light in both mechanical and rubber dome keyboards appears to be nice and clean. This feature adds style to both keyboards and also allows you to type in the dark. 

Other than that, there are no major similarities between these two keyboards. That is why deciding the best type of keyboard is pretty easy. 

Which Keyboard Should You Buy?

Everyone has a different opinion about these keyboards. Deciding which one is best for you depends on your needs, your lifestyle, and what you intend to use the keyboard for. If you have a limited budget and moderate use of the keyboard, a rubber dome is the best choice for you. It is helpful and easy to use for those who use the keyboard for a short period, every day. But it lacks a typing voice, making it a less precise and slower option. 

That being said, we think that the mechanical keyboard is the best overall. It has many features that work in its favor and make it the most popular keyboard among gamers, programmers, and typists who spend nearly their entire day in front of the computer. 

Even though it is an expensive keyboard, all of the features make it a worthwhile purchase. Its durability allows you to use it for a long time without any problems, and if a key breaks, you can quickly replace it. So without a doubt, mechanical keyboards are superior to rubber domes for all sorts of tasks.

Final Verdict

In comparing mechanical keyboards and rubber domes, the mechanical keyboard wins for its excellent features and qualities. You should definitely get a mechanical keyboard if you spend most of your time on the computer. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

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