Merax Gaming Chair Review

Spending 8+ hours in front of a computer screen on a chair accounts for some serious health consequences. Gaming chairs are precisely designed to overcome this issue while minimizing the adverse effects on the user. However, determining which chair will suffice your needs better is still the tricky part. In most cases, the talk of the town is racing gaming chairs. However, not everyone prefers the same. If you are a more laid-back person and fancy a spacious chair with maximum features just a touch away, you are in for a treat. Today, we bring an in-depth review of one such product to help you understand the fundamental components and eventually come to a decision. Let us present a highly supportive gaming recliner by Merax – perfect if you are seeking a laid-back gaming chair.

Merax Gaming Chair Review

Score 7.6 OUT OF 10
Merax Gaming Chair

Brand Overview

Merax was founded in 1995, with its headquarters in Los Angeles and California at that time. Driven by incredible enthusiasm, Merax is a brand that strives to create innovative products to simplify the modern lives of customers. They provide a wide range of products fulfilling various categories like home, office, fitness, travel, etc. Additionally, their goal is to utilize Merax’s signature products that solve consumers’ problems while providing maximum performance and efficiency, outperforming industry standards. A contemporary approach drives the team at Merax, and they continue to push their boundaries forward in this regard.

Product Overview

The product under discussion today is the Merax Ergonomic Gaming Recliner. Starring a sleek and elegant look, this product by Merax comprises some of the promising features you would want in a recliner. They offer three classic colors – Black, Pink, and White – effortlessly matching your recline to the rest of your setup. Nonetheless, this multipurpose recliner is better in many ways than a regular office chair or floor rocker. To get the best support during your intense gaming hours, you may rely on the incredible support of this recliner. It also features cup holders and pockets, so you do not have the chair unless essential.


  • Comes assembled.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable footrest and recline angle.
  • Additional lumbar and headrest cushions.
  • Wider padded armrests with cup-holders.
  •  Heavy-duty round base with steel frame.
  • 360 degrees swivel, side pockets.
  • Easy to clean cover with high-density upholstery.

  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for taller people

Design and Comfort

From the looks of it, this elegant recliner seems quite spacious and stable. Merax gaming chair is an exciting combo of a lift sofa, a floor rocker, and an office chair. However, it has some advantages over the mentioned products and stands strong among all. Instead of a wheelbase, this chair features a sturdy pedestal. That makes it a lot more welcoming and luxurious in an inside setting, like a living or gaming room. Aside from that, the chair is highly supportive and versatile. It is easy to move around and goes perfectly well even with a TV screen instead of a proper gaming station. In fact, if you prefer a large screen for gaming or have limited room space, this might be the perfect product for you. 

Additionally, this recliner has additional cushions for headrest and lumbar support aside from the embedded ones. Both these cushions are adjustable and removable, which essentially allows you to customize your comfort level as you desire. The cushioning of this chair is firm to touch but also quite durable, almost gives you a feeling of lying over a soft mattress. Although it has an ergonomic design, supporting the posture while easing any discomfort, it also offers an adjustable recline and footrest. 

With its tilt mechanism, you can recline from 90 to 135 degrees. Similarly, you can adjust the footrest from 0 to 75 degrees. This may help you align your entire body in your optimal resting or relaxing position. Moreover, it also offers you 360 degrees rotating swivel feature that allows you free movement throughout your gaming. Nonetheless, with its stable and robust pedestal, you can opt for any resting or gaming pose without a fear of falling back or tipping over. 

Furthermore, this chair also comprises a pair of thickly padded wide armrests, containing convenient cupholders. Additionally, it has two detachable pockets on either side, which can come handy in storing your headphones, controller, books, etc. Essentially, facilitating all your needs in one product, so you enjoy gaming without having to leave the chair during an intense game challenge. 

Moreover, there are two variations of this gaming recliner. The colors black and pink come with premium PVC leather, while white comprises top-quality fabric. This allows you to pick your preferred material for maximum comfort. It features pretty neat stitching, providing you an experience of a high-end car chair. Nonetheless, this chair is compact yet spacious while also being relatively lightweight and easier to move. With this, you can easily write a journal, watch movies, video calls, and more; whenever tired, simply flip up its footrest and nap. 

Materials Used

Merax Gaming ChairThis multifunction recliner is covered with PVC leather (black and pink) and high-quality fabric (white). PVC Leather is a type of synthetic leather widely used in gaming chairs. It follows a layered structure that makes it extra durable. Following are the layers it comprises; fabric leather backing, a foam layer, a thin skin layer, and a plastic coating. All this makes this material and essentially the chair wear and tear-proof, enhancing the service life of hair. It is also dirt and stain-resistant while also being super easy to clean. Besides, it gives you a leather-like finish for a high-end look and subtle finish.

On the contrary, polyester fabric is an excellent alternative if you do not like the leather finish or want your chair to be super breathable. Additionally, polyester is a lightweight fabric and easy to clean. Because of its texture and synthetic nature, it does not lets the stain soak in. Although cleaning polyester is a little time taking and tricky than PVC, it is still pretty easy to clean than most. Nonetheless, this fabric is also durable and lasts for an extended period. So, no matter what fabric you choose, you will still be making a good investment. 

For its upholstery, it features high-density thicker foam making it resilient and highly comfortable. These are built from a blend of polyurethane; a similar material is used in mattresses. Essentially, guaranteeing you a rewarding time on the chair. Aside from that, it includes a heavy-duty round base, durable enough to hold up to 275 lbs of weight. Finally, the structure is built from a modified version of a steel frame that is tried and tested through the hardness test. Steel/Metal frame is the go-to material for gaming chairs. It is robust and guarantees a long-lasting life of the product while also being cheaper than wooden supplements.


There is no need to assemble anything, this gaming recliner by Merax comes all formed up for you to start gaming ASAP!


Suitable for gamers of all ages and sizes, this multipurpose recliner guarantees you an experience you would not obtain elsewhere. With its flip-up footrest and adjustable recline, it ensures you incredible support and comfort. Whether you prefer a breathable fabric or leather finish, it offers you both options in this exact version. Facilitating you with everything you could ask for a worthwhile gaming experience, it definitely is worth the price.

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