Rocket League Controller vs Keyboard

In today’s world, gaming is quite popular among individuals of all ages. Huge contests of gaming take place worldwide where the most fantastic players come to compete with one another. Most of them bring along their personal gadgets for comfort and familiarity. Indeed, these devices play an essential part in deciding the winning rate of the gamer. 

Every gamer has a unique style of playing. Some prefer keyboards, while others love using controllers. So, today we will discuss the suitable gadget for the game Rocket League. Is it better to play this game with a controller or a keyboard? 

Playing Rocket League with a controller or a keyboard is an ongoing debate. But it ultimately comes down to a player’s personal preferences. He should compare their characteristics and decide which one is ideal for him.

But if you don’t have the time or resources to compare the features of both for yourself, we are here to help. In this article, we will go through all the features of both controllers and keyboards. In the end, you will be able to decide which one you think is best for gaming.

1. Rocket League with Controller

Usually, gamers like to play with controllers as they have various gaming features that set them apart. Controllers are very comfortable to use because they give you complete control over your game.

They are specifically designed with the needs of gamers in mind. The design of the controller is so comfortable that even if you play for hours, your hands will not hurt. You can quickly move your fingers over the buttons. 

Thanks to their design, if you accidentally press the wrong button, it will not affect your game. A controller provides gamers with the confidence that they have complete control over the game and can excel. 

It is a simple device to operate, and the fact that it is wireless is the cherry on the top. There are no restrictions on where you may sit and play the game. You can play while sitting in a chair or lying on a bed or effortlessly move the controller anywhere you wish to go. 

There aren’t many keys that are difficult to understand. There are only necessary keys that you use when gaming on your way to becoming the top player in Rocket League.

2. Rocket League With Keyboard

Customization is one of the primary reasons some gamers prefer to play rocket league using a keyboard. You can easily customize all the keys to your ease and comfort. You can also customize your hotkeys and macros, which ultimately provide an incredible gaming experience in regular competitions. But the rules forbid you to use macros in official competitions to give all competitors an equal chance.

If you want to use a keyboard for this game, you will also need a mouse. Together, the keyboard and mouse can provide you with the best accuracy and precision. If you want to shoot accurate strikes, use the mouse to achieve the same thing in a blink of an eye. If you try five shots, five of them will hit the bullseye. 

Some pro players mock others who do not play well in Rocket League because they use a keyboard. However, this is not the fact. There are still several great players at the top of the list that only play with a keyboard, such as Australian professional player Yukeo. He performed tremendously with his squad mates in Leipzig in 2019.

It also takes time to learn how to use a keyboard. To achieve certain skills, you must put in the time and effort to become a master in the rocket league.

Differences in Playing Rocket League With a Controller vs a Keyboard

Some of the prominent differences between controllers and keyboards for rocket league are as follows:


Gamers usually use controllers for PS, Xbox, or Nintendo gaming. They connect to the consoles with Bluetooth. On the other hand, keyboards are suitable for PC gaming which comes in both wireless and wired. However, you can still use the keyboard for PS and Xbox, but you will need an extra adapter. 


Controllers have a trigger button that allows you to throttle the pressure quickly. You can apply as much or as little pressure to the trigger button as you desire. However, this option is not available on a keyboard, giving you less control over your device. 


You don’t have the option to customize a controller. Therefore, you have to play the way the manufacturer designed it and use the keys as described. 

Meanwhile, keyboards are customizable, which is a feature that gamers love. Rocket League players can easily change the keys to suit their preferences. 

Turning Radius

In the controller, there is an analog stick that assists in turning. It shortens and simplifies the turning radius, which is very useful in a few games. We can use the power slide on the keyboards to spin in circles and quickly turn in the games, but it is not as precise as it would be with a controller.

Typing Text

The typing process in the controller is relatively slow. It is not a simple process. However, on the keyboard, typing is effortless in the game’s chat option. Even though you use a microphone, some people prefer to type. So, a keyboard would be better for them.

Mobility and Direction Keeping

Compared to keyboards, controllers provide impeccable mobility. Performing any action during the game while using the joysticks is very easy. You can simply handle all movement and direction-related issues by just one command through the controllers. This feature of the controller is very useful in rocket league.

Whereas with the keyboards, keeping movement and direction is more difficult. The presence of lesser direction keys is the reason behind this.


The controller’s structure is ideal for professional players since the keys have no spaces, and you can use them exceptionally quickly. So it doesn’t matter if you boost, control, leap, power slide, or do anything else.

It takes time to learn how to operate the keyboard and mouse in Rocket League. It is especially challenging since the keys contain spaces. So the keyboard structure is more complex.

Similarities in Playing Rocket League With a Controller Vs a Keyboard

Both controllers and the keyboards are suitable for Rocket League. After analyzing their differences in detail, we wanted to discuss their similarities. However, there are really no similarities other than the fact that both gadgets play the same game and serve the same purpose. It is up to the gamer to choose which one they will use to play. It will be pretty difficult to point out the similarities between them in terms of features and structure.

Which Is Better – Controller or Keyboard?

Having compared both gadgets in detail, we can see that it is entirely up to the individual gamer to decide if they want to play Rocket League with a controller or keyboard. 

Familiarity, habit, and comfort all play a role in shaping one’s preferences. However, if a player wants to participate in a professional competition and spend their entire day playing Rocket League, a controller is ideal. 

Because a controller is portable, you can easily use it wherever you want to go. Its design will also allow you to play for long hours without getting exhausted afterward. It is excellent for those that enjoy fighting, racing, and sports-style games. 

The analog joysticks provide greater versatility in movements and help you move the gaming character along 360 degrees.

You can become a more professional gamer on a keyboard by investing a lot of time and gaining experience. Indeed, the experience can make you a superb player. However, the layout of the keyboard will hinder you from achieving a certain level of proficiency in some games. Games requiring sudden changes in the direction of the characters are difficult to play on the keyboard. There are limited direction keys on the keyboard, so you can not move the character in 360 degrees by one mere command. This has a significant impact on overall game results as well.


Though it is a personal decision whether you use a controller or a keyboard, winning is essential for every player. So, don’t get distracted by the appearances and get a suitable gadget for your needs. Bottom line, both controllers and the keyboards are great for Rocket League, but the controller gets the upper hand because it comes with analog joysticks.

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