How to Become a Paid Game Streamer on Facebook Gaming

If you are a gaming creator wanting to get paid for streaming, you may well be wondering if the Facebook Gaming service is worth your time. The platform is steadily growing in popularity in the gaming community. But there is one big question:

How do streamers make money on the platform?

There are several different ways that gamers can get paid for streaming. This could be anything from donations from fans and subscription payments, to advertisements and affiliate marketing.

With other popular streaming platforms such as the dominating streaming platform Twitch and YouTube’s gaming channel, how does Facebook compare? According to Business Insider, gamers are actually earning more on Facebook’s live streaming platform than these two influential sites.[1]

Popular Facebook Gaming streamer Tim ‘Darkness429’ Havlock, in response to a user asking why he streams on Facebook, also stated he tripled his Twitch following that took him 4 years to build within 7 months using Facebook Gaming![2]

Want to know more about being paid for streaming on Facebook Gaming?

Here is everything you need to know about earning cash from streaming on this social media giant.

Understand Facebook’s Currency

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Before you consider learning how to stream games on Facebook, you must understand the currency that the site pays its users in.

The Facebook Gaming currency used is Facebook Stars and they allow you to monetize your stream. For those of you familiar with other streaming platforms, these are comparable to Twitch Bits.

Each Facebook Star holds the value of $0.01 USD when cashed out. Therefore, as a streamer, if you earn 10,000 Facebook Stars this is equivalent to $100. When buying Stars, they cost slightly more than what they are worth to the streamer. Facebook keeps this difference as part of their company revenue.

Create a Facebook Gaming Page

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To begin streaming games on Facebook, you need to create a gaming creator page. We assume that you already have a personal Facebook account. If not, create one of these first.

Then, to create a video game content page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the Facebook Gaming Video Creator Page maker:
  2. Enter a name for your gaming profile and upload an optional profile picture and cover photo
  3. Click “Send Notifications” to alert to notify all your friends you have created a gaming page – you can skip this step, but it is advisable as it helps people know about your new page.

Once your account is set up, you can then live stream games. All games will be viewable to your fans and followers at

Join the Facebook Level Up Program

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To make any good money on Facebook Gaming as a streamer, you need to join their Level Up Program. Without being part of the Level Up Program, you cannot setup paid subscriptions or earn any Facebook Stars.

After you have created your gaming account, start streaming to build up your following and awareness of your page. Your goal at this point should be to meet the below requirements so you can be part of the progam.

Your followers and viewers will know you are a partner as you will get the following badge on your profile:


  • Have an active Gaming Creator Page that is at least 14 days old
  • Streamed for 2+ days in the past 2 weeks
  • Streamed for 4+ hours in the past 2 weeks
  • Saved 4+ hours of VODs from your streams on your gaming page
  • 100+ page followers

You can check your eligibility for the program by looking at your Facebook Gaming dashboard:


Joining the Facebook Gaming Creator Level Up Program is a must in order to monetize your stream. Once a member you unlock Facebook Stars and can set up subscription services.

You also receive extra benefits such as additional support options, access to 1080p, 60fps streaming, and an invitation to a Facebook Gaming Community. This is a great place to network and meet fellow gamers, helping your feed (and your bank balance) grow.

Start Making Money

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Once you are part of the Level Up Program, you can now get paid for streaming games on the Facebook Gaming site. Whether you are into Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Overwatch, there is an audience for all major games. And where there is an audience, there is money to be made.

Your first step is to enable Facebook Stars:

  1. Once in Level Up, head to your streamer dashboard
  2. Click on “Set Up Stars” and enter your payment information

Now your Facebook Stars are up and running, simply start streaming and watch the cash roll in. Here are the different ways Facebook streamers make money.

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Donations from your growing audience are the earliest way you can monetize your stream.

Stars are bought directly from Facebook for a price of $1.40 for 100 Stars. You can buy larger bundles of Stars – the more you buy the less they cost. However, Facebook keeps 5-30% of this and donates the other $0.01 to the game creator.

This may seem steep compared to other platforms such as DLive which gives 100% of revenue to creators. However, viewers can also receive free stars. If your streams have a high audience, Facebook will give your fans free stars which they will likely donate to you. The more you stream, the higher Star Tier you sit and the more free stars you’ll get.

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Fan Subscriptions

To setup fan subscriptions you must be a Level Up member, but you also have to have 250+ return viewers. As soon as you are eligible, set up a subscription service as this gives you monthly recurring payments.

Subscriptions cost your fans $4.99 per month and it is up to you what perks you offer your subscribers. You could create subscriber-only posts, exclusive live feeds, or even do giveaways to your loyal supporters.

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Facebook In-Stream Ads

Facebook Gaming does have in-stream advertisements where gamers can earn extra pennies. However, these ads are not available to all streamers.

To be eligible to have paid ads on your streaming videos, you must be a Facebook Gaming Partner. This is done through invitation only once your channel gets noticed by Facebook. You need to consistently produce quality content and have your own community. However, if you do reach Partner status, ads are a great way to boost the money you make.

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Other Monetization Methods

Aside from these options offered by directly the Facebook Gaming platform, streamers can make further money through affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, and selling virtual tickets. While Facebook Gaming itself does not offer this, you can use it as a platform for these additional money-making services.

The bonus of earning money this way is that it is not through Facebook Stars. Instead, brands and companies will pay you directly. Facebook also will not take a cut and you are entirely in control of what deals you make with sponsoring companies. Find out more about these options on how to get paid streaming here.

Withdraw Your Funds

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For your Facebook Stars to gain monetary value in the real world, you need to withdraw them from Facebook Gaming. You will be paid automatically, however, it takes a little time for the funds to hit your account.

All payouts will occur 30 days after the end of the month that you earn Stars in. For example, all Stars you earn in January will be paid in March, all Stars you earn in February will be paid in April, and so on.

There is also a minimum withdrawal amount of 10,000 Facebook Stars, equal to $100. For any month where the closing monthly balance is less than 10,000 you will not receive a payout. Instead, your balance will be rolled over to the next month.

Other Options

Are you unsure whether making money from streaming is right for you? There are several other options such as developing video games, investing in eSports, or becoming a professional gamer.

Want to know more? Here are is how you can make a living from video games.


How old do I need to be to stream on Facebook Gaming?

To stream on Facebook Gaming, all users must be at least 13 years old.

Can I get paid for streaming video games on Facebook Gaming?

Yes, the Facebook Gaming service pays its streamers using Facebook Stars. These Stars can be withdrawn as USD which gives then a real monetary value.

What is the payment for Stars on Facebook?

Each Facebook Star is equivalent to $0.01. Therefore, 100 stars are worth $1.

How do I set up Facebook Stars?

To enable stars, you must be part of the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program or a Facebook Gaming Partner. Once in these levels, head to your gaming dashboard, click “Set Up Stars”, and enter your payment method.

How do I join the Facebook Gaming Level Up Progam?

To join the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program, you must grow your page to have 100 followers and stream for at least 2 days and at least 4 hours over the past 2 weeks.

How do I become a Facebook Gaming Partner?

You can only become a Facebook Gaming Partner by invitation. Once a Level Up member, work towards growing your page substantially, networking with other gamers, and getting noticed by Facebook.

Who is the biggest Facebook Gaming streamer?

The most well-known Facebook Gaming streamer is Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast ‘ Wang who started out streaming on Twitch. He then moved to Facebook and streams popular games such as LOL, Apex Legends, and Teamfight Tactics.