Zowie FK1 vs FK2 – Which Is Better?

Lovers of e-gaming will agree that the Zowie FK1 and FK2 are two of the most popular gaming mice. Both are similar in appearance and are comfortable to use. However, even though the Zowie FK series employ similar technology and innovation in their performance, they differ in certain areas.

Choosing the better of the two can be challenging as both come with great features. In this article, we’ll be comparing both mice, reviewing each product and its features. Let’s compare both series (FK1 & FK2) and find out the better of the two.

Article Summary 

Our pick: No winner. It all depends on the size of your hands. 

All models of the Zowie FK series come with a convenient user experience among players of different palm sizes. They operate on a similar level of functionality, and the only notable difference is their size. 

Players with bigger hands (17.5cm to 18.5cm) should go for the Zowie FK1, while those with smaller hands (16.0cm to 17.5cm) should opt for the FK2. Those with hand sizes above 18.5cm can go for the FK1+ model (a bigger model). 

Now, let’s have a better knowledge of the Zowie FK1 and the Zowie FK2.

1. About the Zowie FK1

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Zowie FK1

The Zowie FK1 mouse is majorly for intense gaming and the BenQ brand manufactures it. The mouse features a USB connectivity technology and majorly comes in a black design, although other color variations exist. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a left-hand user or a right-hand user; the Zowie FK1 is designed for ambidextrous use. The ergonomic build means it’s easy to control for both palm-grip and claw-grip users.

The dimensions of the FK1 are more standard than others in the FK series. Featuring 128 x 67 x 60 mm dimensions, it’s slightly larger than its FK2 counterpart and smaller than the FK1+, thereby making it ideal for those with large hands. The lightweight (90g) makes handling easy, and it’s the ideal mouse for claw-grip users as they do not need higher arcs to rest their palms.

The FK1 has a matte feel, as it doesn’t feel too slippery or too grippy as it does its job with utmost efficiency. It features an adjustable DPI optical sensor with an adjustable 125/500/1000Hz USB report rate. It allows for a responsive and smooth gaming experience. You can quickly start using the mouse immediately after purchase since there’s no need to install special drivers. All you need to do is plug in the USB end of the wire cable and start playing.

The Zowie FK1 in a Nutshell

  • 90g weight
  • 2m cable length
  • CPI/DPI Indicator
  • Optical sensor type
  • Ambidextrous build
  • Wired USB connectivity
  • Up to 1000 Hz report rate
  • Adjustable lift-off distance
  • One DPI adjustment button
  • Five programmable buttons
  • Dimensions of 128 x 67 x 60 mm
  • Two thumbs buttons on either side

  • Ergonomic
  • Replaceable feet
  • No drivers requirement
  • Suitable for left and right-handed users

  • Noisy scroll wheel

2. About the Zowie FK2

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Zowie FK2

Similar to the FK1, the Zowie FK2 is majorly for gaming purposes and comes in different colors. It’s the smallest of the FK series as it has 124 x 36 x 64 mm dimensions. The FK2 is mainly suitable for hand sizes of about 16.0 to 17.0 cm. In addition, it’s also the lightest of the FK series, weighing 85g, and also ideal for both palm and claw grip. 

The lightweight makes for swift movement, allowing users to quickly and easily move the mouse. It’s also made for ambidextrous use, allowing left and right-handed people easy use.

Furthermore, the Zowie FK2 has an adjustable report rate of 125/500/1000 Hz, allowing for various responsiveness levels. Like the FK1, it’s a ‘plug and play’ mouse, meaning it doesn’t require installation before use. The connection is wired with a cable length of 2m. Like the FK1, it’s of plastic and has a matte feel, making it not too slippery and grippy. The FK1 will be more suitable if you have big hands, so your hands do not arch excessively, thereby causing discomfort.

The Zowie FK2 is ergonomic and built to last long, and users are bound to enjoy the simple yet efficient mouse. You can choose from four DPI settings of 400, 800, 1600, and 3,200. The two thumb buttons positioned on both sides serve both right-handed and left-handed people.

The Zowie FK2 in a Nutshell

  • 85g weight
  • Five buttons
  • Plug and play
  • Optical sensor
  • 2m cable length
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Ambidextrous build
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • Dimensions of 124 x 36 x 64 mm
  • 1.5mm to 1.8mm lift-off distance
  • Two thumbs buttons on either side

  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Plug and play

  • Non-braided cable

Similarities Between Zowie FK1 and Zowie FK2

The Zowie FK1 and FK2 gaming mice are very similar in function. Let’s go into more specific details and important points on their similarities.

• Design

The design of both mice is built for comfortable handling, as it supports every grip. The FK1 and FK2 are made of the same material (plastic), with a slight curve on the sides. The Zowie FK1 and FK2 are for ambidextrous use. This favors the left-handed users, as they can easily handle both mice and use them conveniently. Both FK series have a large feet surface that makes gliding easy on different surfaces. The curves are well carved as it allows for precision in gaming. The Zowie FK series comes in different sizes, thereby providing options for every hand size.

• Dots Per Inch (DPI) and Optics

Both FK series have DPI options of 400/800/1600/3200, and they utilize the Avago ADNS-3310 optical sensor. The optics allow for flexibility with the DPI. Using low sensitivity, you can merge a mouse with high DPI so the mouse doesn’t stay unstable while moving it across the screen. A higher DPI comes with a higher screen resolution.

To change the DPI, there’s a button underneath the mouse. The LED beside the button indicates the DPI setup on your mouse. Here’s a quick one in case you forget what color each DPI is linked to. The red color stands for 400 DPI, purple represents 800, blue signifies 1,600, and finally, green represents 3,600 DPI.

• Polling Rate

The Zowie FK1 and FK2 have the same polling rate of 125/500/1000 Hz. The polling rate refers to how often your mouse repositions itself on the screen after being dragged. For instance, if you have your FK1 or FK2 mouse set to a polling rate of 500Hz; this means that your mouse will refresh itself 500 times within a second. The default polling rate of the Zowie FK series is at 1000Hz.

When playing games that require speed, high polling rates give you the advantage over your opponent(s), as it reduces lag. High polling rates give you faster, more accurate, and more precise input over your opponents.

To adjust the polling rates, firstly, ensure you unplug the mouse. To change the polling rate to 125Hz, press down buttons 4 and 5, and insert the mouse into the USB port of your computer. Once there’s light on the wheel, it changes. To convert to 500Hz, press down button 5 and insert the mouse. Once there’s lighting on the wheel, the polling rate change. To change to 1000Hz, press down button 4 and insert the mouse into the computer. Once there’s lighting on the wheel, the polling rate changes.

• Lift-Off Distance (LOD)

Zowie FK1 and FK2 mice have a lift-off distance of 1.5mm to 1.8mm. The lift-off distance refers to the point where the mouse doesn’t track any longer due when raised. It’s essential, especially when you play on a low sensitivity. If your mouse has a low LOD, it means it’ll stop working soon after it’s raised. The LOD of 1.5mm to 1.8mm of the Zowie FK1 and FK2 is the ideal lift-off distance for gamers, enabling them to get the most of their gaming experience.

• No Drivers Requirement

A fantastic feature of the Zowie FK1 and Zowie FK2 is that it doesn’t require any drivers to get started. It’s a ‘plug and play’ function, meaning it doesn’t need installation to function, neither does it require any technical know-how. This is excellent news for lovers of the Zowie FK series.

• Button Placement

Both the FK1 and the Zowie FK2 have buttons with positions to both sides of the mouse. Also, the buttons have excellent feedback with an average travel time in comparison to many computer mice. The Zowie FK1 and FK2 mice have two buttons each on either side. In addition, the buttons have an excellent tactile click plus a reasonably average travel time.

The stiff and tactile click of the Zowie FK1 and FK2 is ideal for gamers trying to avoid accidental clicks. There’s no need for concern over any accidental press of the buttons, as your fingers will sit conveniently below the buttons. The wheel scroll produces a distinctly loud sound. Asides from this, you can switch off any button side using firmware to prevent accidental clicks from activating anything.

• Operating System (OS) Requirements

Another significant similarity between Zowie FK1 and FK2 is that they have the exact operating system requirements. Both (FK1 & FK2) are compatible with Windows and Mac computers. This means the Zowie FK1 and FK2 offer enough flexibility for use with different operating systems.

• Price

Both mice are quite affordable and relatively inexpensive compared to vast majority of other gaming mice available in the market today.

• Color

Their color variations are similar, and they come in primarily black color. Other color variations of the Zowie FK1 and FK2 include white and pink.

Differences Between Zowie FK1 and Zowie FK2

The significant difference between the Zowie FK1 and Zowie FK2 is their size. Zowie FK1 measures 2.6 x 5 x 1.5 inches, while Zowie FK2 measures 2.5 x 4.9 x 1.4 inches. The FK1 is larger as the FK1 is mainly for users with big hand sizes of 17.5 to 18.5cm. The FK2 is fit for players having smaller hand sizes of 16.0 to 17.5cm. This means that if you have a small hand, the FK2 is your fit, while the FK1 is ideal for users with big hands.

In addition, another minor difference between these two mice is their weight. The FK1 weighs larger (90g) than the FK2 (85g). The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. Since the FK1 is larger, then it’s only logical for it to weigh more. Overall, their weight doesn’t affect the convenience as both mice (FK1 & FK2) are portable and comfortable to use.


From the above write-up, it’s evident there isn’t much to differentiate between the Zowie FK1 and the Zowie FK2. As you’d have already noticed, the significant difference between them is their size and weight as they share many similarities. If care isn’t taken, you can mistake the FK1 for FK2 as they function similarly.

Ambidextrous users will see this as an advantage, as it doesn’t matter which hand you choose to play with. The mouse fits both hands conveniently, and it’s built to prevent accidental side button click. In addition, the lift-off distance ensures the mice don’t track off easily and keeps gamers in action.

Although, from the average consumer rate, it’s found that the Zowie FK1 sells the most out of the FK series. This is probably because the FK1 stands in the middle of the FK series and has the average hand size of players.

Therefore, those confused on whether to go for the FK1 or FK2 should know that the ultimate determinant is their hand size. If you’re someone with a hand size of 16.0cm to 17.5cm, then obviously, the Zowie FK2 is your best option. Those with hand sizes of 17.5cm to 18.5cm should opt for the Zowie FK1.

Finally, whatever model you choose, the FK1 and FK2 have wonderful features that’ll deliver value for money. So next time you’re searching for any Zowie FK series, ensure you pick the one that fits your hand size.

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